Top Tree Herbs Kratom Leaf Tea Bags Enjoy the simplicity of Top Tree ready-to-brew kratom tea bags. No hassle, no gimmicks, just top shelf kratom packaged like any other tea.

A Simple Process

At Top Tree, we believe in simplicity, and our teas are exactly that: kratom leaf in a tea bag. And for now, that’s our entire focus. We hope you enjoy.

Kratom Tea Bags

Unlike vendors that offer 50+ kratom strains, we believe in keeping things simple.That’s why we’re offering three types of tea--a white vein, a green vein, and a red vein. We also offer discounts on bundles and subscriptions. Select a tea for details.

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Better Brewing Blog

If you've Googled ``kratom tea,`` you've probably noticed information is limited. Our goal is to fix this. At Top Tree, we believe in sharing our tips, tricks, recipes, and experiences with the kratom tea community.