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Best Green OG Bali Kratom

Best Kratom Strain

Not everyone at Top Tree Herbs agrees with us, but our belief is that our green vein kratom tea bags are the best strain we have in stock. For many, Green OG Bali is the perfect middle ground between the energizing whites and the unwinding reds. But will it be the best kratom strain for you? Read on to find out!

What is Kratom?

Kratom is an evergreen tree that grows in the tropics of SE Asia. (Actually, it’s a facultatively deciduous tree, but you’ll get away with calling it an evergreen.) In the wild, kratom trees can grow upwards of 80 feet tall. 

Kratom leaves, which are also just called kratom, are dark green and elliptical in shape. The leaves can grow to the size of an American football. Generally, the newer leaves will have a red vein, while the older and more mature leaves have a homogenous green color throughout.

In Thailand, there is a kratom culture that has persisted for centuries, if not millennia. The leaves are typically plucked fresh from the tree, de-stemmed, and chewed quickly before being spat out.

When not chewed, the other traditional preparation has been to boil them in a pot of water over a fire for two to three hours. This kratom tea is then served to friends and family and sipped throughout the day.

Who Uses Kratom?

Focusing on Thailand, which by far has the most robust kratom culture of all the SE Asian countries, the predominant kratom consumer is the farmer.

See, the tropical setting of Thailand means that most of the farming being done is conducted in unbearably hot and humid conditions. In order to work longer and harder in these sweltering conditions, kratom is chewed regularly.

The use of kratom among these farmers is equivalent to how we consume coffee in the United States today. It is taken in moderation when an energizing boost is desired. However, energy is not all that drinking kratom tea imparts. It also has the added benefit of damping the perceived heat of the sun as well as the aches of hard labor.

Outside of Thailand, kratom has exploded in popularity. In the United States many recent kratom consumers are turning to kratom for a much wider variety of reasons than the original Thai farmers did.

With this broader focus than what is traditionally within the wheelhouse of kratom tea, many American kratom consumers will actually swallow the dried powder of the kratom leaf. This new, Americanized way of consuming kratom has brought with it nausea and other stomach issues. Since kratom leaf was rarely traditionally swallowed, we believe that kratom tea is the best way of using kratom.

What does Green OG Bali Kratom Do?

Green OG Bali kratom is best known for being everything that you expect from kratom. To best understand what we mean by that, we should first examine what your other options are.

White vein strains of kratom tea are usually preferred by those looking for the energizing effect. Those that use red veins do so typically because it’s the strongest of the varieties and centers its effect on the body. Instead of energizing you like a white vein, red vein kratom can put you on a couch feeling great and ready for sleep.

So a Green OG Bali kratom tea is best understood as the goldilocks kratom tea. It is not too energizing, and it won’t make you too comfortable. Instead, it’s a great balance between the two.

Many people look for a Green OG Bali kratom tea when they are looking to calm some stormy mental seas, but still want to be functional and otherwise feel like their normal selves.

How is the Green Bali Strain Unique?

We’ve delved into the issue of the myth of the kratom strain in the past. To summarize, there are rarely any alkaloidal relationships between strains of the same name.

In English, that means that you can have a strain one day and love the feeling, and then order a strain by the same name a week later and feel something distinctly different. So even if you think you’ve found the best kratom strain, you can’t guarantee that a batch with the exact same composition will be available in the future. 

Kratom, after all, is a plant. Not every granny smith apple grown in New York will taste the same as a granny smith apple grown in Chile. Plants are their own unique organisms.

Whenever we make our Green OG Bali kratom tea bags, we focus mainly on the alkaloids and the effect that we get from it. It’s never possible to get a kratom tree to produce leaves identical to a different kratom tree, but we do try to organize them the best we can.

So whenever we make Green OG Bali kratom tea bags, we are confident that it’ll give you everything that you’re looking for in a Green OG Bali kratom strain.

How to make the best Green Kratom Tea

Whether you’ve used kratom for a long time, or you’re a first timer, you’re going to love Green OG Bali kratom tea bags. Kratom tea has hundreds and hundreds of years of history behind it. With this history comes best practices. To make a great cup of kratom tea, you’ll have to follow them.

The alkaloids in kratom that give the effects are fairly water insoluble. This means that it takes a while before the leaves impart any strength to the water. Traditionally, this chemical phenomena was gotten around by steeping the leaves in boiling water for hours at a time. 

In our modern world, we don’t always have hours to tend to a simmering tea. This is why we came up with the modern kratom tea brewing technique. So, grab yourself some Green OG Bali Kratom tea bags, and follow along!

First, you’ll need to gather your supplies. You’ll need a way to boil water; a lemon, lime, citrus fruit, or concentrated lemon or lime juice; and a thermos.  The citrus fruit juice is necessary because the acid in it helps speed up the extraction process and efficiency. It doesn’t hurt that it also makes the tea just that much more delicious!

Finally, the thermos is necessary because maintaining a hot water temperature is crucial. Remember how Thai farmers boiled the leaves for hours? We want to emulate that constant heat by brewing in a thermos.


Once you have everything you need, start off by boiling your water. While your water is coming to a boil, add your Green OG Bali kratom tea bags to your thermos.

We recommend starting with one or two tea bags if you’re new to kratom. But we know of kratom consumers who will add six or more tea bags to their tea! Our only advice is to start slow and work your way up. You can always have more, but you can never have less.

Once your tea bags are in your thermos, squeeze your lemon, or other acid containing juice, over the bags. This will saturate them before you add your water, ensuring that the acid is able to cover all the kratom in the tea bag.

Then, simply add your boiling water to your thermos, cap, and let steep for 20 to 30 minutes.  Once you finish your first thermos, you can make another thermos full by following the same directions but reusing your tea bags!

Add sweetener to taste and enjoy! Also, if you’re looking to play around with the flavor of your Green OG Bali kratom tea bags a bit more, check out our herbal blend kratom tea bags! Adding one of these towards the end of your brew will send your flavor to another planet!

Best Green OG Bali Kratom to Buy

The best Green OG Bali kratom you can buy is one that is tested for contamination. The prevalence of adulterated or contaminated kratom available on the market is the reason why we only source our Indonesian kratom from the American Kratom Associations cGMP certified importers

All the kratom we have in our tea bags is subject to intense analytical scrutiny. You can rest assured that your Green OG Bali Kratom tea bags contain only 100% kratom and nothing else.

Aside from quality control, the best Green OG Bali kratom you can get is that which abides by the traditional practice of consumption. If you aren’t having your Green OG Bali kratom as a tea, you’re missing out on millenia of trial and error.  

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