10 best kratom drink recipes - cocktails and iced teas you can easily make at home

10 Best Kratom Drinks and Iced Tea Recipes You Can Make Easily at Home

There are many different types of liquid kratom drinks available on the market, with flavored kratom seltzers and pre-bottled kratom drinks soaring in popularity. What many people don’t realize, however, is that you can save a lot of money by making your own kratom drinks at home.

All of the recipes on our roundup of the best kratom drinks are non-alcoholic, but you won’t be missing out on the booze with these iced kratom tea mocktails and smoothies.

Most tea-infused cocktails are made with decaf black tea or herbal teas without much function, but with these kratom drinks, you’ll get all of the mental and physical effects of brewed kratom leaves.

Don’t live in an area with kratom trees nearby? Most of us in the U.S. don’t! You can still make these fun kratom drink recipes and get the benefits of this powerful plant by using ready-to-brew kratom tea bags.

Here’s the lineup of our favorite kratom cocktails and iced kratom drink recipes:

  1. Spicy Kratom Margarita
  2. Kratom Rum & Coke
  3. Mango Kratom Seltzer
  4. Kratom Mojito Mocktail
  5. Green Kratom Smoothie
  6. Butterfly Pea Flower Kratom Iced Tea
  7. Kratom Sangria
  8. Iced Coconut Thai Kratom Tea
  9. Chocolate Banana Kratom Smoothie
  10. Easy Peach & Mango Kratom Iced Tea

Kratom is a tree that grows throughout Southeast Asia. For centuries, people have been brewing kratom tea for its wide range of wellness benefits, from morning energy to evening relaxation. You can get these benefits from plain kratom tea, but we’ve brewed up some iced kratom drinks that provide spectacular function and flavor.

Sitting by the beach drinking a mixed kratom drink spicy margarita.
Kratom iced teas and non-alcoholic kratom drinks are incredible for relaxing and spending time with friends. They offer real effects like mood support and physical relief, but unlike alcoholic cocktails these options won’t get you drunk.

Using Kratom Drink Mixes

You may be able to find a kratom powder drink mix online. It might be faster to pour a kratom drink mix into a glass than it is to make kratom tea recipes from scratch. However, kratom drink mixes comes with some drawbacks.

For one, kratom powder drink mixes may have additives, fillers, and preservatives, from propylene glycol to sucralose to silicon dioxide. To avoid artificial ingredients, opt for all-natural raw leaf kratom or kratom blended with organic herbs and spices.

Additionally, almost every kratom powder drink mix is made with either a kratom extract powder that contains only mitragynine, or kratom powder that won’t dissolve well in your kratom drink. To avoid making a kratom drink that’s gritty or that doesn’t contain the full spectrum of kratom alkaloids, your best bet is to use crushed-leaf kratom tea.

Should you drink kratom powder instead?

Would you rather drink kratom powder—a sludgy green mix of grit and water, or would you rather make a kratom drink that tastes good? Whether you make a delicious and refreshing kratom drink mix or brew up a classic crushed-leaf kratom tea, there are endless combinations of kratom drinks you can cater to your tastes.

That being said, maybe you’re trying to use up some kratom powder in your cabinet, or maybe you ran out of kratom tea bags. While all of the recipes below are best made with kratom tea instead of powder, they are possible to make with different types of kratom.

If you’re wondering how to drink kratom powder, you haven’t necessarily come to the wrong place. Many people make mixed kratom drinks with raw kratom powder.

Using Powder to Make Kratom Drinks vs. Tea

If you do decide to go the powder route, keep in mind that making a kratom powder drink mix usually doesn’t taste or feel as good as making drinks with tea. While making a powdered kratom drink should still make kratom taste better than the yucky toss-and-wash method, there are some cons to using kratom powder vs tea.

When you drink kratom powder, you’re unnecessarily consuming kratom leaf material that has insoluble plant fiber, which doesn’t get digested all that easily. While we highly recommend making the kratom drink recipes below with crushed leaf kratom tea, you can also make them without kratom tea, and instead add kratom powder to your drink recipe once it’s finished.

That being said, if you want to be kind to your tummy and your taste buds, consider picking up some kratom tea bags for your next recipe.

Crushed-leaf kratom tea drinks

The following iced kratom drink recipes are all made with crushed-leaf kratom (in 100% compostable kratom tea bags). Here’s why using kratom tea to make your kratom drink is the best option:

  1. Your kratom drink will have a perfectly smooth texture, because it won’t be full of gritty kratom powder
  2. The tea bags allow you to extract the active alkaloids in kratom, but keep the plant fiber in the tea bag – so you won’t have to ingest a bunch of insoluble leaf fiber
  3. You can brew your tea with other herbs and spices to make a delicious AND extremely functional kratom drink; you can get noticeable mental and physical benefits from drinking it.

The Best Iced Kratom Drinks & Smoothies

Here are the 10 best kratom drink recipes that are a must-try for spring and summer.

If you want to know more about how to make kratom tea before you pick a recipe, read one of our guides on kratom tea brewing methods – in a tea thermos, on the stove, in a tea carafe, and more.

1. Spicy Kratom Margarita

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails - Spicy Margaritas Kratom Recipe with Jalapeño and Lime

This non-alcoholic kratom cocktail has a perfect balance of citrus, sweetness, and jalapeño heat. With noticeable relaxing and mood-supporting effects, it’s perfect for staycation relaxation or evening gatherings.

2. Kratom Rum & Coke

Kratom iced tea rum and coke mocktail with slices of lime next to tea bags

This kratom cocktail is one for the books, because it’s delectable AND incredibly easy to make. The kratom tea base in this classic mocktail adds depth to the typical rum & cola flavor.

Simple and classic, this kratom drink is the perfect alcohol-free beverage for that one friend who always orders rum & coke. Plus, you can enjoy it any time of day.

3. Mango Kratom Seltzer

Red vein kratom tea supports relaxation and relief, so it's a great option for making kratom seltzer after a long day.

Kratom seltzers are a hot commodity these days. What’s not to love about your favorite herbal brew with some added flavor and fizz? We can name one thing: the cost.

While many people buy kratom seltzers at the store, store-bought ready-to-drink kratom seltzer can be really expensive. Yet, there’s no need to spend $12 on that can of kratom seltzer at the corner store when making this kratom drink at home is far more affordable—and healthier, because you can pick which ingredients to use and avoid.

Plus, it’s incredibly fun to brew and customize your homemade kratom seltzers – perfect for a date night or evening with your friends.

4. Kratom Mojito

Our mojito kratom cocktail recipe is a classic. Mint and lime are the perfect pair!

Mojitos originated in Cuba, and historians believe they were first consumed by farmers on Cuban plantations. Intense labor could lead to illness, and farmers would drink mojitos as a remedy; similarly, kratom tea has been consumed by farmers to help with the physical toll of their work for hundreds of years.

One of the first kratom cocktail recipes we ever created at Top Tree Herbs, this alcohol-free kratom mojito is a tried-and-true classic. Make it with lime and fresh mint from your garden for a downright delicious kratom tea drink that can also soothe you after a hard day of work.

5. Super Green Kratom Smoothie

Super Green Kratom Smoothie with Coconut Flakes, Made from Tea

This recipe isn’t a kratom cocktail or iced tea like the others (though spiked smoothies have certainly been made before), but it’s a frozen kratom drink that’s sure to cool you off on a hot day.

Make this green kratom smoothie for breakfast to really kickstart your day. With white vein or green vein kratom tea and nutrients from kale and bananas, it’ll keep you upbeat and motivated all morning long. If you prefer to drink kratom powder instead of making tea, you can make your green smoothie with soy milk, juice, or water and add the kratom powder in with all of the other ingredients before blending.

6. Butterfly Pea Flower Kratom Iced Tea

Try making kratom tea with butterfly pea flower for a tasty and colorful kratom drink.

Butterfly pea, Clitoria ternatea, produces flowers that make a wonderful, richly-colored indigo-blue tea. Like kratom, butterfly pea flowers grow in Southeast Asia – they’re native to Ternate, an island in Indonesia.

If you want to mix up your kratom routine or make something special for a friend, this is the perfect colorful kratom drink. We recommend using Borneo Berry Bliss, our energizing floral kratom blend that will complement the butterfly pea flower extremely well.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer a soothing kratom drink to end your summer day the right way, try red vein kratom tea bags.


  1. Simmer 1-2 kratom tea bags and juice of 1/3 lime in a saucepan for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Turn off heat and add 2 tbsp of dried butterfly pea flowers. Steep for 3-5 minutes (less time for a bright blue color, longer for a deep indigo).
  3. Strain out tea bags and flowers, then sweeten to taste with cane sugar.
  4. Chill and pour over ice. Garnish with extra slices of lime.

7. Kratom Sangria

Add fruits like lime, orange, apples, and cranberries to red vein kratom for a delicious sangria - one of our favorite celebratory kratom cocktails.

This is one of the absolute best mixed kratom drinks for a celebration. It pulls out all the stops. Use your favorite seasonal fruits to infuse your kratom cocktail with a citrusy sweetness.

Anyone looking to make kratom taste better should really give this kratom drink recipe a try.

8. Iced Kratom Chai Tea

Iced Chai Relaxing Red Vein Blend

Most Thai iced tea is made with black tea from the Camellia sinensis plant, which grows throughout Asia. To make this a kratom drink, we’re swapping out black tea in this Thai iced tea for a different leaf found in Thailand – kratom.

9. Chocolate Kratom Smoothie

This chocolate kratom smoothie is made with cocoa, frozen banana, protein powder, and leftover kratom tea! It's the tastiest way to start your day.

We’re not sure if this kratom smoothie counts as breakfast or dessert, but we make this nutrient-dense kratom drink regularly for both occasions. Just blend up bananas, cocoa powder, and your favorite variety of kratom tea to make a chocolate kratom smoothie that will keep you fueled all day long.

This is another one of our kratom drink recipes that still works well with kratom powder. So if you prefer to drink kratom powder instead of brewing kratom tea, you might want to save this recipe.

10. Tulsi, Peach, & Mango Kratom Iced Tea

Peach & Tulsi kratom iced tea is the perfect iced kratom drink for a warm spring day!

This is the easiest kratom drink recipe on the list. All you have to do is brew up a batch of our Tulsi Balance adaptogenic kratom herb blend and pour it over ice.

This tea is a staff and customer favorite. It’s a combination of green vein kratom tea with organic tulsi (also known as holy basil), rooibos, and natural flavors. This fruity kratom drink is perfect for summer outings and days in the sun; just bring your tea thermos with you to keep your drinks ice cold.

More Of the Best Kratom Drinks and Recipes

We hope you enjoyed our list of unique kratom drinks and recipes. Remember, you can always experiment with these recipes by using different ingredients and kratom tea blends to make your kratom drinks taste perfect for your palate.

You can find more kratom tea recipes, as well as kratom news and culture, on the Better Brewing Blog. Lastly, don’t forget to download our latest e-book of seasonal kratom tea recipes. It contains recipes and an easy guide on how to brew kratom tea.

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