How to Buy Kratom Tea Online


Today we’re going to break down everything you need to know about buying kratom tea online. Depending on your vendor, the process ranges from shockingly complex to just as easy as ordering tea on Amazon. We’ll also walk you through our payment options, which are all great solutions for helping you buy kratom tea online.

As a brand founded by a team of long-time kratom consumers, we remember times when our favorite vendor would lose credit card processing. Almost always, it meant we’d switch to a different vendor or go to a head shop instead of buying kratom online.

If you’re new to kratom, odd payment processing can be intimidating. We’re all used to paying for things online with credit cards, so when we can’t, it seems unreliable. We know how that feels, and wanted to avoid it happening with Top Tree. Especially because we have the largest selection of kratom tea bag in the market, so we couldn’t leave everyone hanging.

By the end of this post, you’ll know how to buy kratom online, why different payment methods exist for kratom, and how to buy kratom tea online through our shop. So if you have questions about how to buy kratom online, this is the post for you!

How to Buy Kratom Tea Online

Since many of you are here to buy kratom tea, here’s a quick breakdown of Top Tree Herbs’ payment options. After, we’ll provide an overview of buying kratom from all vendors.

We have credit and debit card options, as well as Bitcoin, Zelle, and Venmo.

Credit Card Option 1:

When you’re entering your information for a credit card at checkout to buy kratom online, this option is your default. If you live in a restricted location, the payment options will disappear after you enter your zip code. If this happens to you, you can either change your shipping address to a different city or state, or reach out to us to discuss other shipping options. The only thing to note is that Discover cards no longer work with this option. To use a Discover card, you’ll have to use credit card option 3 below.

Credit Card Option 2:

Our second credit card option is very similar to the first. The only major difference is that the billing address has to match the address on file perfectly, or you’ll get an error message.

Be careful after too many failed purchase attempts, as your credit card could be frozen. This may happen if you don’t have the correct billing information entered when you checkout.

Unfortunately, we can’t accept Discover cards with this option either, which brings us to our third way to buy kratom online with a credit card: MESH Payments.

Credit Card Option 3:

MESH is a simple and secure method for buying kratom online. You’re required to create an account to use MESH, but it’s a one-time process and then you’ll be all set to make kratom orders in real time thereafter. If you have a Discover card, MESH is the option for you!

How to Buy Kratom Online with MESH:

MESH is similar, in some ways, to a reloadable prepaid debit card. Before making a purchase, you have to create and fund your MESH account, which is held at an FDIC-insured U.S. bank.

This is why, on the first transaction, you have to input a little more information than other payment methods. The tradeoff is that your information is extremely secure with MESH, as the company has to meet more security requirements than normal third-party payment processors.

More on MESH security: MESH will not share your personal information with any third party other than the bank where your MESH checking account resides. Opening a MESH account has no impact on your credit score, nor is the information shared with any credit reporting agency.

MESH also confirms each purchase with two-factor authentication on your mobile phone, so your funds are safe from unauthorized use. Here’s how to buy kratom online using MESH:

  1. Log in to your Mesh account. (If you don’t currently have a MESH account pick the option to create a MESH account. They will ask you to register with your name, address, date of birth, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number. This information is only used to prove your identity to the bank. This is a one-time registration, and only takes an additional minute or two to complete.)
  2. Purchase a MESH Load Pack. (MESH accepts VISA, Mastercard, and Discover)
  3. Activate your MESH Load Pack
  4. Complete your purchase. (Note: you’re not finished until you complete your purchase and return to the shopping cart with confirmation.)
  5. MESH confirms your funds transfer directly with us.
Buying Kratom Tea with Bitcoin:

Buying kratom tea online with Bitcoin couldn’t be any easier! If you already have a bitcoin wallet, all you need to do is select Bitcoin at checkout, accept our Terms and Conditions, and then click to complete your purchase. A window will pop up that leads you to an area where you can scan a QR code and complete your order.

The only thing to note with Bitcoin is that it can take up to a day for the payment to be processed. It normally happens within minutes, but we’ve seen it take longer on days with a lot of Bitcoin activity.

Alternative Payment Methods: Venmo and Zelle

If you’d prefer to buy kratom online with Venmo or Zelle, you’ll need to contact us at [email protected] for further payment instructions. To make the process easier, please include your order details in the email, and if it’s time sensitive, we recommend giving us a call at 970-414-1467. If you need to use one of these alternative options, make sure you already have a Venmo account or are using a bank that allows you to enroll in Zelle.

Where to Buy Kratom Tea Online?

We hope this overview of our kratom tea payment options helps simplify our ordering process. Most legitimate kratom vendors accept credit card payments, so it’s a good indicator that you’re buying kratom from a vendor you can trust. Of course, there are unpredictable events that cause a good kratom vendor to temporary lose credit card processing capability, but there shouldn’t be multiple weeks of downtime before they have a new solution up and running.

As we have the largest selection of kratom teas online, we’re your first and best option for buying kratom tea online. If you’re looking for a vendor with kratom powder, however, you’ll need to look elsewhere. We’ll have kratom capsules available again in the coming weeks, but all our teas are made with premium crushed leaf kratom, meaning we don’t offer kratom powder for mixing into a beverage.

If you’re looking for loose crushed leaf, we recommend checking out our friends at Kraken Kratom. In addition to being the first cGMP kratom vendor, all their crushed leaf comes from sustainable kratom farms in Southeast Asia. You’ll always be able to buy premium kratom tea from us, so you’ll never have to vet a new kratom brand and risk getting sub-par kratom tea.


Well there you have it – now you know how to buy Top Tree kratom tea bags online! It’s not as easy as Amazon one-click checkout, but we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible. All the options are reliable, secure, and fast — and the companies have long track records of working with kratom vendors. If you have any questions, please just give us a call. We’re here to make sure your entire kratom tea journey is easy, payment processing included.

We hope this helps you buy kratom tea online without any hassle. We have three great credit card options, so you shouldn’t have any issues completing your purchase. The only caveat is that we can’t ship to every state, as some have bans on kratom sales. For the majority of you, however, buying kratom tea online couldn’t be any easier. We’ve done a ton of work in the background to make sure you can easily order kratom tea online. Until next time, cheers to better brewing!