How To Make Kratom Tea


As we’ve learned over the past year, there are a lot of open questions when it comes to making kratom tea. How long do you brew? Can you boil the water? Kratom powder vs loose leaf? Great questions, read on for some answers!

As you’ll learn in this post, there are different camps of kratom tea drinkers. Some brew in large batches, others use a french press; some say boiling water is necessary, others believe it destroys kratom’s alkaloids, and a third group says it’s good but not mandatory. 

Who is right? Well, let’s get into it. 

The Equipment: What You Need To Brew Kratom Tea 

One does not simply brew kratom tea. It takes time, the right equipment, and the willingness to try a few methods until you find one that works for you. Here’s what you need to get started. 

We’ll start with the obvious: kratom. The first thing you need to do is find a vendor who offers high quality, crushed leaf. In a perfect world, your kratom is also lab tested and prepacked in tea bags. 

Even though you can make your tea with powder, it doesn’t work well with ready-to-fill tea bags (water doesn’t pass through easily), and it’s too fine for many french presses. So unless you like kratom particles in your final brew, go with crushed leaf kratom tea. In terms of serving size, we recommend starting with 2 grams—one of our tea bags—and increasing from there. 

The next thing you need is boiling water. Yes, we said boiling. There’s a lot of misinformation online about this, but we’ve tried countless recipes, and boiling water has never seemed to reduce potency. That said, if you’re following a recipe that says leave your kratom tea over heat while it steeps, best practice is to avoid a rolling boil and keep it on a simmer. 

Once you have your kratom and water, next you’ll need something to strain out the plant material. As we’re sure you can guess, we recommend going with Top Tree kratom tea bags for convenience, but if you have your own crushed leaf, you can use a fill-it-yourself tea bag, cheesecloth (kinda overkill for crushed leaf), or a sealed coffee filter. 

The last thing you need for a potent kratom brew is an acid. We recommend keeping it simple and going with lemon or lime. Other people like adding apple cider vinegar, which they say helps increase potency more than lemon, but in our experience it’s negligible. 

We’ll dig into the vinegar question in a later post, but for now, just don’t forget to add an acid. Now we can get to the real topic at hand – how to prepare your kratom tea. 

Better Brewing: How To Prepare Kratom Tea 

So how do we make our daily brew? We have two preparation methods, one for on-the-go, the other is designed for when you have time. The fast method first: 

One –  Place 1-2 kratom tea bags into your cup 

Two – Squeeze half a lemon over your tea bags (soaking kratom in lemon juice helps with the alkaloid extraction!) 

Three – Pour 8 oz of boiling water over your tea bags 

Four – Wait 20 minutes (Note: if you’re going to add another tea bag for flavor, add it before your tea cools)

Five – Remove the tea bags and add a sweeter (we love using honey but Stevia is a great low-calorie option)

It’s that simple. Now if you have extra time, or are working from home, there are a few ways to improve this method. First, you can leave the tea bags (and lemon) in the pot of simmering water for the whole 20 minutes. This is a good option if you want the most potent brew possible—and the strongest kratom tea effects.

Second, you can batch brew. If your mornings are too hectic for the longer method, but you still want to maximize potency, consider making a larger batch in the beginning of the week. It’ll stay good for a few days, and if you use a lot of kratom and let it steep for an extended period of time (20-40 minutes), you can really end up with a potent tea.

For the same reason people like capsules, kratom tea drinkers normally add additional herbs or flavorings to their brew. Kratom tastes bitter and earthy, so unless you’re really into wheat grass shots, we recommend adding your favorite herb and a sweetner. 

Thinking About Taste: Kratom Tea Recipes 

At Top Tree, our recipes always start with our 100% mitragyna speciosa teg bags –  crushed kratom leaf. From there, we normally go one of two ways: 

1. Sweet Kratom Tea – this recipe uses the juice from half a lime (1 tbsp), a lot of honey (we love using CBD honey), your favorite tasting tea bag (we use a fruity blend for this one), and a bit of lemon zest. 

All you do is add the non-kratom tea bag in for a minute or two after you add the boiling water to your cup, add honey a few minutes after that, and the zest before drinking. For a longer explanation of honey lime tea, check out this traditional Thai recipe. 

2. Morning Mint Kratom Tea – this recipe uses 1/2 cup of fresh mint leaves, the juice from half a lemon (1.5 tbsp), your favorite sweetener (we like Stevia), and a bit of orange zest. 

For this one, all you do is add the mint to your cup as you steep the brew. We remove the tea bag after 20 minutes, but leave the mint leaves. For a variation on this recipe, check out how you can add orange slices to the mix.


Well, there you have it. How to make kratom tea in 5 simple steps. If you still haven’t tried it, we hope this helps you get started. And if you don’t have crushed leaf, we recommend checking out our Top Tree kratom tea bags

As a parting note, we have a favor to ask: once you find a recipe you love, let us know! We’ll share recipes from our community in our monthly newsletter, so subscribe to stay in the loop.  

We’re excited to hear – what’s your favorite kratom tea recipe? 


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