Insulated Tea Carafe

A kratom tea carafe is like a giant kratom tea thermos – it allows you to brew your kratom tea effortlessly, and make enough to last for a few days!

This is also a great brewing method for making enough kratom tea to share with friends – the carafe is spill-proof and will keep your tea hot for hours.


1L kratom tea carafe

4-8 kratom tea bags

32 oz water

Large heat-safe jar or sealable pitcher for storing

Optional for stronger brew: 1 tsp lemon or lime juice per serving*


Boil water using any method you prefer (electric kettle, coffee maker, microwave).


While water is boiling, add tea bags and lemon juice (if using) to your tea carafe.


Pour boiling water into your carafe and close it. Steep for 15-25 minutes, depending upon desired strength and flavor.

The longer you brew, the stronger your tea will be.


Transfer kratom tea from your carafe into a large heat-safe jar or other container. Sweeten to taste and add any desired flavors or creamer – creamer is best if you don’t use any citrus.


Seal jar tightly. Store tea in the fridge for up to one week. Drink chilled or reheat.

*Lemon juice may cause tea to become weaker before 7 days.



You can typically rebrew your kratom tea bags to make a slightly weaker second carafe-full of tea – the strength of this second brew will depend upon the length & strength of your initial brew.

Want to go above and beyond a basic kratom tea? Check out our recipes on the Better Brewing Blog for inspiration.

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