Infused Kratom Tea: Morning, Afternoon, and Evening

Note: Where to Buy Kratom Herbal Tea?

We’re thrilled you’re interested in our infused kratom tea! We wanted to give you a quick heads up that this tea is no longer in stock, but we have an exciting selection of new kratom herbal blend tea bags that are fresh, effective, and delicious! And stay tuned for updates, we’ll do limited runs of our original kratom blends so they aren’t gone forever! See our current kratom tea bag menu here.

Flavor Infused Kratom Leaf Teas

Of the recent additions to our inventory, one of the common themes which runs through our new selections is the natural flavor infused kratom teas.  Since we started our mission to provide a delicious cup of kratom tea, we’ve experimented with a number of different methods.

Our first step was getting our premium, crushed leaf kratom tea bag formula down.  As we perfected our brewing techniques, we started experimenting with different recipes and blends.

This resulted in our widely popular “Kratom Tea Recipe Book”. In this book, we detailed some of our favorite and most promising recipes. The book covered everything from a simple kratom tea recipe, cinnamon ginger tea, grapefruit kratom tea.

We fell in love with these recipes in our test kitchen,. However, increasingly we were finding it difficult to have all the ingredients we needed for an impromptu cup of tea.  

Inspired by you

During the early phases, we were simplifying kratom teas (lemon + honey). In time we started getting some feedback from our customers through instagram.

Many of the Top Tree “communitea” members were detailing their favorite ways to spice up their tea. One of our favorite brewing techniques we learned from our ingenious customers.

To illustrate, we were being sent delectable photos of deep pink pitchers of kratom tea on a daily basis. Every photo came with a testimony to how they loved adding flavored herbal teas to their brew.

The pink came from a passion fruit flavored tea bag added for the final five minutes of the steep time. The passion fruit not only imparted the floral color, but also the rave reviews.

We tried this ourselves, and were positively delighted to find how delicious (and simple!) this was. And just like that, a light bulb went off… 

With this in mind, we began our exploration period. As a matter of fact, we were tasting numerous flavored kratom tea blends each day!  Some were incredible, and some were not so great.

With this information under our belt, we created our latest blend formulations! We now offer a flavored Morning, Afternoon, and Evening blend. 

Passion Fruit Maeng Da Morning Tea

The Passion Fruit Maeng Da Morning Blend is infused with natural passion fruit flavors. It is combined with sencha green tea, yerba mate, ginkgo, and lemon myrtle.  The caffeine in the yerba mate and green tea are balanced with the gentle push of the white Maeng Da crushed leaf kratom. Markedly giving you what you need to start your morning right.

Our passion fruit infusion draws its inspiration directly from our customer feedback. Said simply, natural flavors are normally produced by distilling the essence of their parent plant. In this case, passion fruit is actually steam distilled. In fact, this highly concentrated passion fruit flavor is then gently misted on our crushed kratom leaves before we load them into tea bags.

As you steep the Passion Fruit Maeng Da Morning Blend tea bags, you can pick up the subtle scent of this sweet tropical fruit. Even better, the preparation of the infused tea bags are even simpler than the “plain kratom tea” recipe! No longer do you have to slice, juice, decant, and infuse to get a melody of flavors! (Not that there’s anything wrong with this, we find the whole process to be a meditation in self care and healthy indulgence.)

Peach Afternoon Bali Kratom Tea

Our Peach Afternoon Bali Blend is inspired by avoiding that midday feeling. The time when you begin looking at your watch more than your work.

The peach flavor treats you with its hints of sweetness. And transports your tongue to pastoral meadows blossoming with spring time.

The gotu kola, ginseng, sage, and red clover — with the balanced alertness of the green OG Bali — orchestrate your afternoon revival.

Peach Red Maeng Da Evening Kratom Tea

The peach flavor goes so well with our kratom tea blends, that we decided to use the same natural peach flavor on our Peach Red Maeng Da Evening Blend.

We like to imagine that if the horizon had a tongue, it would report that the sunset tastes and feels like our evening blend.

Each cup is a warm, calming, sweet and tender embrace of your senses.  We’ve blended our soothing Red Maeng Da is with valerian root and chamomile to demarcate the end of your day. Unwind with the taste of peachy goodness, rooibos, lavender, and ginger on your tongue. 

Bridging Tradition and Convenience

Our infused kratom tea blends are only the beginning of our initiative to revamp the kratom experience. Feel secure in the tried and true traditional kratom tea technique while embracing the simplicity of modern formulations.


For current kratom users who want a stronger kratom effect, we highly recommend getting our 100% White Maeng Da tea bags or Passion Fruit Infused White Maeng Da tea bags.

Each raw leaf tea bag has 3 grams of kratom (14 per pouch). While the every evening blend tea bags are 1.5 grams of crushed leaf kratom and 1.5 grams of our herbal blend (8 per pouch). In the evening, you can use the evening blend tea bag for flavor and the raw leaf tea bags for strength.

And for a particularly rare view into your evening tea, check out the results from our 8-panel alkaloid test. Thanks to the team over at Santé Labs were able to push kratom tea research into new areas.

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