Breaking News: Congressional Oversight Vindicates Kratom Advocates

Kratom News

We’re excited to share some recent kratom news with you. Once again, history goes to show that kratom advocates are fighters.

On Thursday, January 28th, 2021, the American Kratom Association (AKA) announced that they were in possession of a letter from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) dated August 2018. The AKA obtained the letter with the help of two Congressmen, Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI) and Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA), who share oversight of the HHS and FDA.

The breakthrough: two and a half years ago the FDA received a letter from the HHS that said kratom did not meet the criteria for being scheduled under the Controlled Substance Act (CSA)!

Kratom advocates owe a huge debt of gratitude to the AKA and the member of Congress who made this public. If it’s not obvious, this is huge news.

Why does this kratom news matter? It vindicates what kratom advocates have been saying for years. The FDA’s focus should be on contamination and drug interaction research. Not scheduling a plant that has helped millions of Americans become normal members of society.

The Letter: Why it Matters

Importantly, the Assistant Secretary of Health to the HHS, Brett Giroir M.D., wrote the letter. It contains rational thinking, an understanding of science, and respect for 11+ million American kratom users.

Mac Haddow, the AKA’s Senior Fellow on Public Policy, has an excellent analysis that we recommend checking out.

This “pending classification” line was the most valuable tool in the FDA’s arsenal. And they used it to strong arm and deceive states and municipalities across the country into scheduling kratom.

When regulators aren’t transparent, people don’t know who to trust. In turn, the AKA has been forced to spend countless hours and millions of dollars educating well-meaning public officials who were misled by the FDA. As Mac Haddow writes:

“A perverse outcome of the FDA’s failure to make a timely and appropriate disclosure of the recession of its scheduling recommendation for kratom is obvious. Failing to disclose the recission allowed the FDA to achieve an almost “de-facto” ban on kratom.” (Pg. 2)

Let’s also not forget who this has had the greatest impact on: kratom consumers. As Dr. Giroir warns in the HHS letter “…there is a significant risk of immediate adverse public health consequences for potentially millions of users if kratom or it’s components are included in Schedule I.” (Pg. 3)

The HHS understood that banning kratom would push millions of Americans to look for relief elsewhere. And you don’t need to be a public policy expert to understand where that leads.

Protecting Public Health: Unanswered Questions

The story is still unfolding, so we’re trying to exercise restraint in how we interpret this. Until we have more answers, however, it seems like an abuse of power. The HHS letter explained why the FDA shouldn’t perpetuate the idea that the government was pending a scheduling of kratom. Nevertheless, the FDA continued to promote their agenda.

At Top Tree Herbs, we are excited about the opportunities this letter brings to the new administration.  First, the new head of the FDA, whoever that may be, must denounce how the FDA’s has treated kratom consumers.

Second, the FDA must regulate the kratom market fairly. The kratom community is ready and willing to work with the FDA on this initiative. We could build a regulatory framework that is consistent with the current guidelines for similar products, such as coffee.

Kratom News: A New Path Forward

Ultimately, we wholeheartedly welcome unilateral product safety standards that everyone in the industry must adhere to.  Our tea goes through many layers of testing to ensure it meets our standards for cleanliness and quality. 

While we do this, less responsible kratom vendors are free to set up shop in the back of a truck stop. They can sell untested kratom in unsanitary conditions. They get away with such practices because it is an unregulated industry!

The FDA must recognize that their stance is causing excessive and unnecessary public harm. If their position matched the recommendation of HHS, they’d find a number of allies in the kratom community. We all want access to safe, compliant products, we just have to work together to make it possible.

Top Tree Herbs is a proud contributor to the AKA.  The AKA is funded entirely by the public — you can donate at the link below.