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Kratom Tea: Discover Delicious

When it comes to making kratom tea, we like to say you have to “discover delicious.” We came up with the term to try to help share what we’ve learned during our kratom tea journey.

At the top of the list is the simple idea that you have to experiment. You need to try a few taste tests to learn what flavors complement kratom, for you. If you think about it, you’ve done this countless times with other products.

Coffee Counterpart

Take coffee for example. If you look at a Starbucks menu it wouldn’t be obvious that all these drinks come from the same basic plant. Yes, the grande, quad, nonfat, one-pump, no-whip, mocha and the standard drip coffee are the same. We’re aware of the innumerable coffee recipes, all with unique and different taste profiles.

And there are tribes based on this. “I only drink drip coffee.” “I always take milk and two sugars.” “My coffee is always black.” People are passionate about their camps.

Ask any barista and they’ll confirm how serious people get about it. And it’s not just coffee—people have camps for everything. The question, then, is what kratom tea camp do you fall in?

Brewing the Kratom Correctly

The first step to finding your unique cup of kratom tea is making sure that you always brew your kratom correctly. 

You don’t want to wind up with a tasty cup of tea that doesn’t give you the effect that made you reach for kratom in the first place. Let’s continue the coffee analogy. 

Why go through the work of steaming your milk, salting your caramel, and finding the perfect balance of sugar if you are going to finish your latte by dumping a handful of coffee beans into your cup? 

That’s not how coffee works, and it would be silly to get caught up in the peripheral details of your recipe without first understanding how to extract the magic from the bean.

The same can be said of kratom. It is often called a miracle plant. Yet, you’ll be scratching your head as to why that is so if you don’t brew it correctly.

Simple Steps to Brewing your Kratom Tea

Our favorite method of brewing kratom tea is also the quickest way.  To make this, we recommend you use a thermos to maintain the right temperature to optimize the efficiency of the alkaloid extraction.

We sell vacuum insulated, spill-proof branded thermoses on our website!  If you don’t have a thermos on hand, you can put a small ceramic plate over the mouth of your mug to help keep heat from escaping.

How to Make Kratom Tea:

One –  Place 1-2 kratom tea bags into your cup or thermos 

Two – Squeeze half a lemon over your tea bags (soaking kratom in lemon juice helps with the alkaloid extraction!) 

Three – Pour 8 oz of boiling water over your tea bags 

Four – Wait 20 minutes (Note: if you’re going to add another tea bag for flavor, add it before your tea cools)

Five – Remove the tea bags and add a sweeter (we love using some local honey, but Stevia is a great low-calorie option as well)

Six – Rebrew the same tea bags one more time before getting new kratom tea bags! And all Top Tree tea bags are biodegradable, so don’t forget to compost!

Follow these steps, and you’ll have successfully brewed a simple, strong, delicious kratom tea!

Spice it up!

In the spirit of discovering delicious, you’re now ready to incorporate other herbs and flavors into your tea.  The best time to do this is toward the end of step four.  Kratom needs to steep for at least 20 minutes in hot water (with the help of an acid) to facilitate the extraction of the alkaloids.  

However, many herbal blends that are popular in tea start to impart bitter and otherwise unpleasant flavors if left to steep for that long.  While it will ultimately depend on what herbal blends you are supplementing, generally five minutes is enough to get the flavor you want from them.  Just add your accessory flavors 15 minutes into your brew, and you’ll be ready to discover delicious in no time!

At Home Recipes

I like to structure my recipes around two central pillars: effect and flavor.  When I am making my morning cup of white vein kratom tea, I’ll add a stick of cinnamon and some ginseng.  Or maybe juice a grapefruit to give it an extra punch and even out the bitterness. 

I would not add chamomile or valerian root to my morning white blend, since my intention is waking up. The flavor of chamomile perfectly compliments kratom, but is calming and relaxing, and not energizing.  The same goes for valerian root and other hypnotic herbs.

Before bed, however, I’ll brew a cup of Unwind red vein kratom tea and steep a bag of chamomile for the last five minutes.

To make things a little simpler to understand, kratom strains generally follow this trend.

  • White is energizing.
  • Red is for bed or for reinvigorating an achy body.
  • Green is the middle ground, and generally used for uplifting your mood.  

With that, you can be on your way to discovering the best blend for you!  Check out our recipe book for more inspiration!

Tried and True Blends

Want to cut to the chase and start sampling some kratom tea blends put together by seasoned tea sommeliers?  Try our three house blends: Morning, Afternoon, and Nighttime!

We collaborated with a tea sommelier with over a decade of experience to put together these three new blends.  We only use the finest, fair trade herbal ingredients to ensure that you’re drinking a delicious and responsibly sourced tea.

Passion Fruit White Maeng Da Morning Blend

Our white vein based morning blend is guaranteed to wake you up on those mornings where getting out of bed seems like an insurmountable task. This blend balances the stimulating effects of caffeine in green tea with the gentle push of our white vein Maeng Da kratom leaf. That’s not all, we’ve also added the Argentinian favorite Yerba Mate to add even more of a boost to your morning cup!

But this blend is about more than just waking up, you’ll notice a hint of the uniquely ancient gingko which fortifies each cup with beneficial vitamins and flavonoids. On top of all that, we finish each blend with a kiss of Lemon Myrtle and our natural passion fruit flavoring. A delicious and effective way to start your day!

Peach Afternoon Bali Blend

Have you ever noticed how cathartic drinking a tea at midday is? Sometimes, all it takes to make the second half of your day better than the first half is fencing off half an hour for some mindfulness exercises and a cup of our Green OG Bali Balance blend tea. Sometimes the day’s stressors can well up inside us. And our busy schedules can make it difficult to take the time to look inside and resolve the stressors. With the Bali Balance Blend, we sought out the best herbs to supplement the uplifting qualities of this popular green vein kratom strain.

Complementing the Green OG Bali is wellness facilitating gotu kola, some ground ginseng, satisfying sage, and topped off with red clover. This is then rounded off with a spritz of natural peach flavoring.

Peach Maeng Da Evening Blend

One of the most amazing things about kratom is its versatility. Not only is kratom right for early in the day, a Red Vein Maeng Da is just what you should be reaching for a couple hours before bedtime. Our nighttime blend is like drinking a cozy blanket next to a fire place. Well, not literally, but you get the point!

With the Red Vein Maeng Da, Chamomile, Lavender, and Valerian Root will help with the gentle transition to a deep and rejuvenating sleep. If that were not enough, we threw in some delicious ginger and the vitamin powerhouse rooibos as well. Last but not least, we infuse a subtle, natural peach flavor to have you dozing off with orchards on the mind.

What are you waiting for?  Go and Discover your Delicious Kratom Tea Blend!

Kratom tea can do a lot.  It may lift your mood, relax, or invigorate you.  With the right amount of attention, you can also make it taste delicious!  Everyone who drinks kratom tea should be savoring the flavor and enjoying the process, and that takes playing around to find your unique recipe. 

And we’re here to help if you ever have any questions about brewing kratom tea. Cheers to better brewing!

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Soren Shade
Soren Shade is the Founder and CEO of Top Tree Herbs. He was the producer for Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia, and continues to produce the Hamilton Morris Podcast. He writes with a holistic look at natural and synthetic pharmacology, traditions-of-use, and a love for freedom of consciousness. You can find Soren rock climbing or advocating for sensible drug reform and anti-prohibition.

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