Red Maeng Da Kratom Tea Bags


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14 tea bags | 3g each | 42g per pouch

Perfect for winding down after a long day, our Red Maeng Da kratom tea bags support relaxation and rest.

How To Brew:

Add 1-3 kratom tea bags, lemon juice, and boiling water to an insulated thermos.

Steep 20 minutes, sweeten, and enjoy! (Then you can brew the same tea bags a second time!)

  • Premium crushed-leaf Red Maeng Da kratom
  • 3rd-party lab tested: View CoA
  • Prepared in a cGMP facility
  • Biodegradable plant-fiber tea bags
  • All-natural organic flavors
Title Quantity Discount
Bundle Discount 2 - 4 15%
Bundle Discount 5 + 25%



Raw leaf: crushed-leaf red vein kratom tea (Mitragyna speciosa)

Lemon: crushed-leaf red vein kratom tea (Mitragyna speciosa), organic lemon flavoring (organic cane alcohol, natural lemon flavor)

Passion Fruit: crushed-leaf red vein kratom tea (Mitragyna speciosa), organic passion fruit flavoring (organic cane alcohol, organic glycerin, natural passion fruit flavor)

Red Maeng Da Kratom Tea Bags

Tea Guide: Enjoy a cup of relaxing Red Maeng Da kratom tea bags and discover what makes this tea so special –  a calming, relaxing energy that’s unique to red vein kratom tea. Check out our recent blog breaking down everything you need to know about Red Maeng Da Kratom Tea!

Recommended Recipe: This Red Maeng Da decaf kratom chai latte is creamy and dreamy. Try it with whole spices, or use a pre-brewed chai concentrate.

Raw Leaf (unflavored) vs Flavored Kratom Tea: It’s simple. The only difference is the flavor! We infuse the kratom in our flavored tea with all-natural organic flavors for a bit of extra flair and fun.

Kratom Content: Each Red Maeng Da kratom tea bag has 3 grams of premium, crushed leaf kratom – lab tested and prepared in a cGMP certified facility. There are 14 tea bags per pouch, giving you 42g of raw Mitragyna speciosa!

Tea bags: All of our tea bags are free of plastic, glue, and staples! It sounds so obvious, but it’s not all that common in the tea industry. We use only high-quality, biodegradable tea bags made from sugarcane fiber, so you’re getting the best ingredients in the best packaging.

Pouches: Our kratom tea bag pouches can be recycled anywhere that accepts #2 HDPE plastic.

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Lemon, Passion Fruit, Raw Leaf (no added flavor)

6 reviews for Red Maeng Da Kratom Tea Bags

  1. Rachel

    I discovered Kratom pills a few years ago. This helped but made me extremely nauseous (just like pain killers, no thanks) and it seemed sketchy to not know where this was sourced from. I’m so thankful to have a Kratom product I can trust. I already love drinking tea, so this is just a natural part of my routine! I’ve noticed when I drink the tea throughout the day I am more mellow and less likely to have a panic attack. I enjoy drinking it before bed as well to help with any tension from working out. I’m so grateful to have found a more natural way to boost my mood, help with stress, and relax post-gym! The shipping is quick and customer service is reliable. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  2. David L

    As an avid kratom user of several years, let me tell you this product is outstanding. Until now my primary method of consumption has been slurries, and despite my love of kratom, I never grew to enjoy slurping down dense powdery goop. Luckily I was turned on to toptreeherbs a few months back, and it has been a total game changer. It’s still a bitter brew but oh-so-much more palatable than any slurry you could make. My girlfriend even mixed in in some liquorice root to make it downright tasty a few times, but I’m totally happy drinking plain!

    I got the red meng da and the white borneo and felt the classic strain-specific effects from each. Just noticed they have green OG bali, and I will def be trying that next!

    Honestly, I feel silly that I was ever drinking slurries or taking capsules. This is how kratom is meant to be consumed, and toptreeherbs is doing it right!

  3. Gino

    I liked this Maeng Da tea as a substitute for alcohol. First of all, I really prefer the smooth delivery of the tea vs the powder, which can leave me zombie-like or even generate a multi-day nausea, not sure why. Just to be clear, I had no nausea issues with the tea. Preparing kratom in the form of bitter tea seems to keep the serving size of active components at a nice mellow level, that I think makes it much harder to get overly hooked/grow your tolerance, like some people experience with powder. I felt the buzz was just right, with balance on the energy vs relaxation continuum.

  4. Parker

    I got into Kratom a few months ago and it has been outstanding! I typically use the Red Maeng Da to sleep and the White Maeng Da in the mornings in place of coffee a few times a week. I love that these bags can be reused and are compostable as well. Top Tree Herbs turn around shipping time is ~chef’s kiss~! I ordered in the evening and it had already shipped the next morning! I’d recommend this product to literally anyone!!

  5. Madison

    Great quality tea! Red Maeng Da is my go-to, has a subtle taste and a strong effect. I often use this as a base to mix the blended teas in with. Makes for a stronger tea and saves my favorite blends!

    I use this morning and night, crazy how versatile it is. Don’t forget the lemon juice!

  6. Natasha Mosley-Simpkins

    I’m so pleased with this tea. I just started learning about Kratom and Kava and started going to a Kava bar that brews these red, white, and green teas. I had a few cups and it was okay. I finally asked what type of tea and she said oh it’s Kratom. I was surprised but excited because I had wanted to try but the powder freaked me out lol. I started googling and found Top Tree Herbs and bought a bundle pack. This red Maeng Da was my first one to try and it’s amazing!! Way better than the kava bars which was good but weak. I brewed 1 tea bag with fresh lemon and sipped away. I immediately felt the effects like having a glass or two of wine. Relaxing but a feel good relaxing and this was one tea bag!! I’m so excited to have found this site that I can trust and now I don’t have to have anxiety about using this random powder from a smoke shop. No disrespect to anyone who does I was just so nervous about it. You will be very happy with these teas because I know I am!!! Cannot wait to try the other two!!

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