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Red Maeng Da Tea Bags


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14 tea bags | 3g each | 42g per pouch

Perfect for finding relief after a long day, our Red Maeng Da kratom tea bags support relaxation and focus – a calming energy that is unique to this wonderful strain.


We’re moving warehouses this week so this strain is unavailable for a few days. Everything will be back in stock (permanently) on Monday! 7/19/21

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Pour a cup of relaxing Red Maeng Da tea and discover what makes this strain so special –  a calming energy that’s unique to red vein kratom tea.

Every pouch contains 42 grams—14 tea bags—of premium, crushed leaf kratom packaged into 3-gram biodegradable tea bags. We’ve partnered with world-class tea makers and only use lab tested, AKA GMP verified kratom, giving you the highest quality tea possible.

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Disclaimer – These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Strain: Red Bali, Tea Bag Size: 3 grams, Total Tea Bags: 14 per pouch, Source: AKA GMP Program Verified


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2 reviews for Red Maeng Da Tea Bags

  1. David L

    Verified Buyer – As an avid kratom user of several years, let me tell you this product is outstanding. Until now my primary method of consumption has been slurries, and despite my love of kratom, I never grew to enjoy slurping down dense powdery goop. Luckily I was turned on to toptreeherbs a few months back, and it has been a total game changer. It’s still a bitter brew but oh-so-much more palatable than any slurry you could make. My girlfriend even mixed in in some liquorice root to make it downright tasty a few times, but I’m totally happy drinking plain!

    I got the red meng da and the white borneo and felt the classic strain-specific effects from each. Just noticed they have green OG bali, and I will def be trying that next!

    Honestly, I feel silly that I was ever drinking slurries or taking capsules. This is how kratom is meant to be consumed, and toptreeherbs is doing it right!

  2. Rachel

    Verified Buyer – I discovered Kratom pills a few years ago. This helped but made me extremely nauseous (just like pain killers, no thanks) and it seemed sketchy to not know where this was sourced from. I’m so thankful to have a Kratom product I can trust. I already love drinking tea, so this is just a natural part of my routine! I’ve noticed when I drink the tea throughout the day I am more mellow and less likely to have a panic attack. I enjoy drinking it before bed as well to help with any tension from working out. I’m so grateful to have found a more natural way to boost my mood, help with stress, and relax post-gym! The shipping is quick and customer service is reliable. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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