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Handcrafted Glass Teapot with Strainer


750ml | Heat Resistant | European Style

Enjoy a simple and elegant way to brew kratom tea with the first Top Tree Teapot! Handblown from heat resistant borosilicate glass, this high quality teapot is the perfect way to simplify your daily brew.


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You’ll love brewing kratom tea with your European style glass teapot! The teapot + lid design is a revolutionary way to combine brewing, filtering, and enjoying tea all at once.

Now you can brew the perfect cup of tea without worrying about leaf separation, density control, or kratom sludge!

How To Brew: Remove the lid and place your loose leaf kratom blend or kratom tea bags into the glass strainer. Place the strainer into the teapot and add water to just above the herbs. Place the teapot over medium-high heat and let it brew for 20 minutes. After at timer, pour your finished kratom tea into your teacup and repeat the process with the same tea bags! For a more in-depth discussion of kratom teaware, checkout our recent blog on the subject.

Brew-Tips: for a potent tea, we recommend adding lemon juice as you brew! We also recommend using raw leaf tea bags (for potency) in combination with your favorite Top Tree kratom blend (for flavor).

If you’d like some help getting started, drop your email below to download The Kratom Tea Recipe Book for free. You’ll get 18 hot & cold kratom tea recipes and a few tips and tricks from the Top Tree test kitchen.



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