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Pumpkin Spice Red Dragon Tea Bags

Red Dragon | 14 tea bags | 42g per pouch

If you like red vein kratom, you’ll love our 3 gram Pumpkin Spice infused Red Dragon tea bags! Made from a rare red vein kratom, these delicious tea bags are the perfect choice for relaxing after a long day.


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Fall is in the air! If you like Red Dragon kratom, you’ll love our 3 gram Pumpkin Spice infused Red Dragon tea bags! Designed to be paired with fresh lemon juice, this rare strain has never tasted better.

How to Brew: 1-4 tea bags into a tea/coffee thermos, add lemon juice, pour in boiling water, steep 15-20 min, sweeten and enjoy – and repeat with the same tea bags 1-2 more times!

Every pouch contains 42 grams—14 tea bags—of premium, crushed leaf kratom packaged into 3-gram biodegradable tea bags. We’ve partnered with world-class tea makers and only use lab tested, AKA GMP verified kratom, giving you the highest quality tea possible.

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Strain: Red Dragon, Flavor: Pumpkin Spice, Tea Bag Size: 3 grams, Total Tea Bags: 14 per pouch, Source: AKA GMP Program Verified


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