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Stainless Steel Tea Thermos


500ml | Spill-proof | Chinese Designs

We want everyone to brew their kratom tea correctly, so grab a beautiful, double-walled, vacuum thermoses before they’re gone! Add a few tea bags, lemon juice, boiling water, and 20 minutes later enjoy a perfect cup of kratom tea!


Note: you’ll get one of the five Chinese inspired designs pictured here. If you want to pick your specific tea thermos, check out our tea travel thermoses!

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Don’t miss our 500ml stainless steel vacuum thermoses!

How To Brew: add your teabags to the thermos, add hot water, add the tea strainer, seal it up, and wait 20 minutes! If you have another tea you want to combine with your kratom tea, add the tea bag for the last 3 minutes.

Brew-Tips: for a potent tea, we recommend adding lemon juice as you brew! And remember, you can reuse your kratom tea bags twice! Since our glass travel tea infuser is only 300ml, we highly recommend double brewing your tea bags.

If you’d like some help getting started, drop your email below to download The Kratom Tea Recipe Book for free. You’ll get 18 hot & cold kratom tea recipes and a few tips and tricks from the Top Tree test kitchen.



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