Holy Peach

Tulsi Mango Green Vein Kratom Tea Bags


Green Bali | 8 Tea Bags | 24g Total

This delicious mango and peach kratom herbal blend can support your mood and motivation without any caffeine! With tulsi (holy basil) and rooibos, it’ll invite balance and positivity into your day.

  • Premium crushed-leaf Green Bali kratom
  • Kosher, USDA Organic, Fair Trade-certified tulsi peach blend
  • 3rd-party lab-tested & prepared in cGMP facility
  • Compostable, certified non-GMO tea bags


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Tulsi, Peach, and Mango Kratom Tea

Tea Guide: Tulsi is a beloved ceremonial herb known as “Holy Basil” or the “Elixir of Life.” We’ve blended tulsi, rooibos, and natural flavors with Green Bali kratom to create a balancing kratom tea blend with a bright peach flavor. Enjoy it alone as a rejuvenating morning or afternoon tea, or combine it with your favorite raw leaf kratom tea bags for maximum effects. This bright and flavorful green vein kratom blend is best served over ice!

Peach Tulsi Kratom Tea Ingredients: 1.5g crushed-leaf kratom, 1.5g organic tulsi rooibos blend. 8 tea bags (24 grams) per pouch.

How to Brew: Add 1-2 tulsi kratom tea bags and 1 tsp lemon juice to a tea/coffee thermos. Pour in 8-12 oz boiling water and steep for 10-20 minutes, then sweeten to taste. Serve hot or over ice.

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