Kratom Tea Bag Bundle (2 Pack)


Total: 28 Kratom Tea Bags | 3g Each |  2.96 oz

Mix & Match your two favorite strains and have kratom tea bags for every occasion! Each tea bag is filled with 3 grams of premium crushed leaf kratom – lab tested and ready to brew!

How To Brew: add 1-3 kratom tea bags, lemon juice, and boiling water into your tea thermos. Steep 20 minutes, sweeten, and enjoy! And you can brew the same tea bags twice!

  • Premium Crushed Leaf Kratom Tea Bags
  • Kosher, USDA Organic, Fair Trade Certified Herbs
  • 3rd Party Tested & Prepared in cGMP Facility
  • Plastic-Free Biodegradable Sugarcane Tea Bags
Choose Two Kratom Teas:


Two Strain Kratom Tea Bag Bundle

Bundle & Save: Mix & Match your two favorite strains with the Two Strain Kratom Bundle! Pick your favorite strains and have kratom tea bags for every occasion. Each tea bag is filled with 3 grams of premium crushed leaf kratom – lab tested and ready to brew!

Kratom Content: Each Top Tree tea bag has 3 grams of premium, crushed leaf kratom – lab tested and prepared in a cGMP certified facility. There are 14 tea bags per pouch, giving you 42 grams of raw Mitragyna Speciosa!

To learn more about the benefits of Top Tree Tea vs kratom powder, check out Joey Talk’s helpful product review on Youtube!

Top Tree Kratom Tea Bag Menu:
  1. White Borneo Kratom Tea bags
  2. White Thai Kratom Tea Bags
  3. White Maeng Da Kratom Tea Bags
  4. Green Bali Kratom Tea Bags
  5. Super Green Malay Kratom Tea Bags
  6. Red Bali Kratom Tea Bags
  7. Red Dragon Kratom Tea Bags
  8. Red Maeng Da Kratom Tea Bags

Top Tree Kratom Herbal Blend Menu:
  1. Thai Energy: Green Ashwagandha Kratom Blend
  2. Maeng Da Morning: Lemongrass Verbena Blend
  3. Borneo Berry Bliss: Floral Kratom Herbal Blend
  4. Bali Balance: Turmeric Ginger Kratom Blend
  5. Red Relaxation: Chamomile Kola Kratom Blend
  6. Sweet Dragon: Honeybush Kratom Blend
  7. Holy Peach: Tulsi Mango Kratom Blend
  8. Lavender Malay: Earl Gray Kratom Blend

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Additional information


Raw Leaf Green OG Bali, Passion Fruit infused Green OG Bali, Peach infused Green OG Bali


Raw Leaf White Borneo, Passion Fruit Infused White Borneo, Lemon Infused White Borneo


Raw Leaf White Maeng Da, Passion Fruit Infused White Maeng Da, Peach Infused White Maeng Da, Strawberry Infused White Maeng Da, Lemon Infused White Maeng Da


Raw Leaf Red Bali, Peach infused Red Bali, Strawberry infused Red Bali


Raw Leaf Red Maeng Da, Strawberry Infused Red Maeng Da, Lemon Infused Red Maeng Da

Choose Your Tea

Unflavored White Thai, Acai Berry infused White Thai


Raw Leaf Red Dragon, Peach Infused Red Dragon, Hibiscus Infused Red Dragon


Raw Leaf Super Green Malay, Passion Fruit Infused Super Green Malay, Lemon Infused Super Green Malay


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