White Thai Kratom Tea Bags


14 tea bags | 3g each | 42g per pouch

Meet our newest white vein kratom tea bags, White Thai! This strain is a perfect coffee replacement or after-lunch pick-me-up.


How To Brew:

Add 1-3 kratom tea bags, lemon juice, and boiling water into an insulated thermos.

Steep 20 minutes, sweeten, and enjoy!

  • Premium crushed-leaf White Thai kratom
  • 3rd-party lab tested: View CoA
  • Prepared in a cGMP facility
  • Biodegradable plant-fiber tea bags
  • All-natural organic flavors
Title Quantity Discount
Bundle Discount 2 - 4 15%
Bundle Discount 5 + 25%



Raw leaf: crushed-leaf white vein kratom tea (Mitragyna speciosa)

Passion fruit: crushed-leaf white vein kratom tea (Mitragyna speciosa), organic passion fruit flavoring (organic cane alcohol, organic glycerin, natural passion fruit flavor)

Mango: crushed-leaf white vein kratom tea (Mitragyna speciosa), organic mango flavoring (organic cane alcohol, natural mango flavor)

White Thai Kratom Tea Bags:

Tea Guide: If you’re looking for motivation and focus, you’ll love White Thai kratom tea bags!

Learn more about this one-of-a-kind kratom tea in its Better Brewing Blog Spotlight!

Recommended recipe: White Thai is the perfect substitute for black tea in Thai iced tea! Brew with star anise, cardamom, and cloves, then strain and add in sweetened condensed coconut milk or half & half.

Kratom Content: Each White Thai kratom tea bag contains 3 grams of premium, crushed-leaf kratom – lab tested and prepared in a cGMP certified facility. There are 14 biodegradable tea bags per pouch.

Tea bags: All of our tea bags are free of plastic, glue, and staples! It sounds so obvious, but it’s not all that common in the tea industry. We use only high-quality, biodegradable tea bags made from sugarcane fiber, so you’re getting the best ingredients in the best packaging.

Pouches: Our kratom tea bag pouches can be recycled anywhere that accepts #2 HDPE plastic

Additional information

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Passion Fruit, Raw Leaf (no added flavor), Mango


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