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The Definitive Kratom Gift Guide of 2021


The holiday season is back! Whether you’re shopping for a Christmas gift, Hanukkah gift, Kwanzaa gift, or a New Year’s present, you want the recipient to love — and actually use — what you get them. When it comes to kratom, picking the right gift can be difficult. To help you master kratom gift giving, we put together a definitive kratom gift guide for 2021!

What is Kratom?

If you’re shopping for a gift for a kratom lover, your knowledge of kratom may end at the fact that the other person likes it! So before we get into the definitive kratom gift guide for 2021, let’s review what kratom is in the first place; once you understand what kratom is all about, you’ll understand why they love it, and how to choose the best kratom-related gifts.

Kratom is an evergreen tree. The word is also used to refer to its leaves, which are used to make kratom products. Formally, kratom trees are known as Mitragyna speciosa. They primarily grow in Southeast Asia, and have a robust traditional history in Thailand. Kratom is a close botanical cousin of coffee, and its traditional use mimics how many Americans use coffee.

For well over 350 years, kratom tea and kratom leaves have been employed by Thai farmers and laborers for a boost throughout their day. Since the trees grow wild, many farmers would pick a leaf, pull off the stem, and then chew it for a few seconds before spitting it out. Its energizing effects gave them the energy to keep up their hard work. It also helped them ward off the heat of the blazing sun.

Kratom Tea

When not chewing on kratom leaves, they brewed the leaves into a tea. The alkaloids in kratom that produce the energizing, mood boosting, and bodily discomfort relieving effects are harder to get in water than your typical caffeine alkaloid in “regular” tea. For this reason, traditional kratom tea is steeped for three or four hours in boiling water.

This tea is usually shared among co-workers and friends. Water bottles are filled with the tea and carried during work, sipping on them throughout the day. Unlike the coffee that we drink, kratom tea doesn’t give you anxiety, the jitters, or cause a strong crash. No wonder it has been a Thai favorite for centuries!

Although kratom leaves are rarely swallowed in Thailand, this has become the most popular way to use kratom in the United States. Swallowing kratom powder is not better than making kratom tea. The reason why this is the most common practice in the US is because we are, largely, unaware of the traditional practices. It’s akin to swallowing coffee grinds because you like the energy, but are unaware that it is best brewed into a steaming cup of joe!

The Definitive Kratom Gift Guide for 2021

Now that you understand the basics of kratom, let’s dive right into the gift guide! In this guide, you’ll notice that there is not any kratom powder. If you are shopping for a kratom lover, chances are that they already have a place where they source their ground leaf. And since most people who use kratom in the United States use it as a powder, giving them more powder isn’t very exciting. It’s like socks. Yes, socks are useful, but they won’t think of you when they wear them because they’re not distinctive. 

The products in our holiday season gift guide for the kratom lover in your life are distinctive.

#1 Kratom Tea Bags

Top Tree Herbs was the first company to make premium, crushed-leaf kratom tea bags. They’re dedicated to helping the kratom consumers find roots in the indigenous knowledge that underlies their tea-drinking tradition.

They use only the highest quality, lab tested, cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified kratom in their tea bags. The best part, there are dozens of recipes in their free recipe book that are simply delicious. A fan favorite recipe is orange peel, a squeeze of lemon, some agave syrup and a dash of vanilla.

If you ask anyone who takes kratom, the taste is usually the last thing they’ll compliment. These tea bags flip that on its head.

Get them on for $19, or 3 for $43.

#2 A Vacuum Sealed Thermos

If you’re making kratom tea, you need a thermos! Traditionally, brewing kratom tea takes hours. However, a modern trick uses the acid from lemon juice and the sustained heat from a thermos to reduce the steep time to just 20 minutes.

Since Top Tree Herbs is currently leading the charge with kratom tea products, we are happy to note that they also sell the needed tea ware! In fact, you cannot find better deals on quality thermos than through their site, as they price them so cheaply so as to equip their customers with the tools needed to brew the best tea possible.

#3 An Electric Kettle

We absolutely love our electric kettle! Fill it up with water, plug it in, turn it on, and you have boiling water in under five minutes.

For a kratom tea lover, water is a big part of their ritual. Make their lives easier by getting them an electric kettle!

Of course, sometimes you want the nostalgia of a whistling tea pot, which leads us to our next gift recommendation.

#4 A Traditional Kratom Teapot

Enjoy a simple and elegant way to brew kratom tea with the first Top Tree Teapot! Hand Blown from heat resistant borosilicate glass, this high quality teapot is the perfect way to simplify your daily brew.

If the kratom tea lover you are shopping for this holiday season appreciates traditional kratom tea, they’ll also appreciate a teapot designed specifically for kratom tea. Nothing gets us in the mood for a kratom tea like having the right equipment to master the perfect brew.

No longer available – 2023.

#5 Herbal Kratom Tea Blends

Making specialty kratom teas from a recipe book is super fun! But you don’t always have time to prepare all the ingredients every time you get a hankering for a tea.  That’s why you should consider getting Top Tree Herbs herbal kratom tea bags as a gift for your kratom tea lover!

There are three functional blends: morning, afternoon, and evening. Each tea bag is 50% kratom and 50% supplementary traditional herbs.

They are not the strongest when it comes to kratom, so make sure to pair one with a regular kratom tea bag to get a convenient tea blend that is delicious and strong without all the effort of following a recipe.

#6 Berkey Water Filter

We’ve focused a lot on water in this definitive kratom gift guide for 2021. That’s because we really believe that the best way to impress your giftee is to give them gifts relating to an elevated style of taking their kratom – the traditional way. And the traditional way is as a tea, which is, spoiler alert, mostly water.

We adore our Berkey water filter. Aside from feeling like we could sit out a zombie apocalypse, this resilient water filter can handle the muddiest water you throw at it. It uses two large carbon filters to slowly drip water into a bottom level.

Every glass of water tastes pristine, and tea simply tastes better when you use good water. The price is a bit steep, but it should last forever. 

#7 Arnica and CBD Bath Salts Kit

CBD and arnica bath salts - My Personal Plants

A lot of kratom users see it as part of their pain relief ritual. A great way to supplement their wellness routine is to give them the treat of bathing like royalty! 

The CBD and arnica bath salt kit for pain relief offered by MyPersonalPlants delivers the powerful therapeutic properties of CBD in bath form (or, for the smarty pants out there, transdermally). 

We can’t imagine a more relaxing environment to enjoy a delicious cup of kratom tea in!

#8 Kratom Stickers!

Kratom stickers are the perfect gift for any kratom enthusiast. Get them a “End the War on Plants” sticker to show support for the cause to normalize kratom tea! 

#9 The Forbidden Leaf Episode of Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia

In this episode, journalist Hamilton Morris goes to Thailand to look at the use of kratom there. He outlines the traditional practices, the violent history, and emerging medical knowledge concerning kratom. Spread the gift of knowledge this Christmas!

Make the gift even more personal and meaningful by watching it with them!

#10 A Gift Card to their Local Kratom and Kava Bar

A kava and kratom bar is not your typical alcohol serving bar. In fact, it’s closer to a cafe. Many of these shops are popping up in cities all across the country. They’re usually run by fun, down to earth people who enjoy educating the masses on alternatives to coffee and alcohol. Drop by for a chat, drink some kratom tea, and get a gift card! There is no better time than to support your local businesses!

Our favorite local CO kratom and kava bar is Karma House.

#11 Flavored Kratom Tea Bags

While recipes are fun, and herbal kratom tea blends convenient, sometimes you can’t beat the simplicity of naturally flavored kratom tea bags. No mixing tea blends or preparing ingredients, the flavored kratom tea bags from Top Tree Herbs come ready to brew. Just plop in a thermos, squeeze a lemon if you like, and pour in the boiling water. Boom, 20 minutes later your kratom tea is ready.

They have lemon, mango, and passion fruit flavors in stock. But, just in time for the holidays, they are taking preorders for their newest flavors! There is delicious Pumpkin Spice, fruity acai berry, and a juicy peach variations. Every tea bag contains premium, lab tested crushed leaf kratom spritzed with a natural essential oil flavoring agent.


We hope that this definitive kratom gift guide for 2021 was helpful in your holiday shopping needs! Yet, the best Christmas gift you can get the kratom lover in your life is support for the plant. Let them know that you support their decision to drink this traditional Thai tea.

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Soren Shade
Soren Shade is the Founder and CEO of Top Tree Herbs. He was the producer for Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia, and continues to produce the Hamilton Morris Podcast. He writes with a holistic look at natural and synthetic pharmacology, traditions-of-use, and a love for freedom of consciousness. You can find Soren rock climbing or advocating for sensible drug reform and anti-prohibition.

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