The Kratom Tea Recipe Book (Free Download)


We’re thrilled you’re ready to take your kratom tea to the next level! The Kratom Tea Recipe Book is a great way to get started. There are recipes for every occasion and experience level.

In this post we’ll explain what you’ll find in the eBook. If you want to skip to the download, scroll to the bottom and drop your email in the form. We’ll email it right to you.  

The Kratom Tea Recipe Book

Hot Kratom Tea Recipes: The first section is all about hot kratom tea. We start with a traditional kratom tea recipe that only uses kratom, lemon and honey. From there, we offer 8 more delicious options:

The book is pretty straightforward. You get 18 hot and cold kratom tea recipes, divided into two sections. We open with a few tips to get you started, but most of that can be found in the Better Brewing Blog.

Pg. 07 – Cinnamon and Ginger Tea

Pg. 08 – Kratom Tea Latte

Pg. 09 – Chamomile Kratom Tea

Pg. 10 – Mint Kratom Tea

Pg. 11 – Kratom Jasmine Tea

Pg. 12 – Lemon and Thyme Kratom Tea

Pg. 13 – Orange Blossom Kratom Tea

Pg. 14 – Rose and Hibiscus Kratom Tea

Cold Kratom Tea Recipes: The second half of the book is all about cold kratom tea drinks. You get cold brew kratom tea recipes, options for chilling infusions or decoctions, and a few tips for making iced kratom tea.

If you’re used to batch brewing kratom tea, this is the section for you! Here’s a full list of the recipes:

Pg. 16 – Cold Brew Kratom Tea

Pg. 17 – Grapefruit Kratom Tea

Pg. 18 – Kratom Peach Iced Tea

Pg. 19 – Raspberry Kratom Tea

Pg. 20 – Pineapple Kratom Tea

Pg. 21 – Iced and Spiced Kratom Tea

Pg. 22 – Passion Fruit Kratom Tea

Pg. 23 – Sparkling Iced Kratom Tea


Our goal is to grow Top Tree together, as a community of kratom tea drinkers. The Kratom Tea Recipe Book is our way of getting the conversation started, and we hope you’ll participate.

Share your tea pictures and recipes on Instagram and tag us—@toptreeherbs—so we can share with everyone else! And if you have a recipe you love, let us know and we’ll add it to future editions of the book.

Discovering new ways to make kratom tea is a fun experience. And now that you have a place to get started, no more excuses. It’s kratom teatime, and the recipes are calling.

Until next time, cheers to better brewing!

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