Top 5 Benefits of Kratom Tea


Congratulations on being one of the few people to actually use kratom correctly — as an herbal tea! The unfortunate reality of kratom consumption in the US is that millions of kratom consumers have been led astray. Kratom powder, though it’s the most widely available type of kratom in the US, is not always the best option! Here’s a quick rundown of the top benefits of kratom tea, so you can decide for yourself.

Even though the U.S. market has focused on convincing kratom lovers to eat fine kratom powder or drink it in gritty orange juice slurries, there’s a better way out there. And it’s based on hundreds of years of cultural knowledge.

If you’ve ever wondered why so many people are making the switch from kratom powder to kratom tea, this post is for you. Here are what we at Top Tree consider the Top 5 Benefits of Kratom Tea:

1. Your stomach will thank you

While kratom capsules or the “toss & wash” method might be the easiest ways to consume your kratom quickly, they’re probably not the easiest on your stomach. Many people report having trouble digesting raw kratom leaf.

In a study of 8,000 US kratom users, nearly 25% of people said they’d experienced nausea or constipation from kratom powder.

In our experience, the method of consumption plays a big role in how kratom affects your stomach. Swallowing kratom capsules, for example, introduces an insoluble fiber to your gastrointestinal system, which doesn’t occur when you drink kratom tea.

While this may not be an issue at lower doses, if you’re eating 7+ grams of kratom at a time, it might be worth trying a soothing kratom tea. 

2. It’s Customizable (create your own blend!)

With kratom tea bags, you can mix and match tea bags from different strains to create the perfect blend for you! People often ask about daytime vs. nighttime kratom strains, but why choose?

We believe in having a few options to choose from, and creating a blend for your specific needs. This is one of our favorite aspects of kratom tea, and it’s rarely mentioned!

Note: This is an extension of the idea that new users should try different strains and find what works for them. While that’s true, there are benefits of continuing to try different strains and mixes, and kratom tea is one of the best ways to have fun while you try new combinations.

Chai & Raw Leaf Relaxing Red Kratom Tea
You can make your own kratom tea blends with raw leaf tea bags and any herbal teas you have at home, or try Top Tree’s premade blends of kratom and organic herbs and spices.

3. Faster Onset Times

Tossing back a few kratom capsules is faster than brewing a cup of tea, but will you actually experience the effects any faster? Probably not.

In our experience, kratom tea has a slightly faster onset time than capsules, especially if consumed on an empty stomach.

Compared to the toss & wash method, however, we’ve never really noticed a big difference with tea – let us know if you’ve experienced otherwise! 

4. You Can Take it On the Go

Kratom tea, like coffee, can be made to go. In fact, when you use Top Tree kratom tea bags, you can even brew on the go.

All you need is a thermos and some hot water — a far cry from kratom tea methods that require breaking out a scale and cheesecloth.

As one of the most culturally-acceptable ways to use kratom, kratom tea is easy to bring to the gym, work, or anywhere else you go on a normal day. The same can’t be said for kratom powder, which brings us to the next benefit of kratom tea.

5. It’s Discreet

Just sipping on some tea – nothing to see here! Compare that to the toss & wash method and you’ll get the point: kratom tea is work-friendly!

As long-time kratom users, we understand the hesitation to break out your tub of powder in the boardroom. In fact, we recommend against it, especially when you could make a nice cup of tea and not raise any questions. The same is true for school, church, or anywhere else that you might interact with non-kratom users. 

Ready to Dive Deeper into the Benefits of Kratom Tea?

Well, there you have it: Top Tree’s top 5 benefits of kratom tea! But the benefits don’t stop here. This is far from everything we like about kratom tea—we didn’t even get into using kratom tea as a coffee replacement.

We hope it’s enough to get you started if you haven’t already made the switch. However, we’ve got many more comprehensive guides on how to make kratom tea and what kratom tea is good for, both in terms of its mind & body benefits and how it compares to other types of kratom.

Once you get brewing, let us know—what’s your favorite benefit of kratom tea?

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Sam Weber

Sam Weber

Sam Weber is the co-founder of Top Tree Herbs. After serving in the Air Force and graduating from Columbia University in 2019, he worked in cannabis quality control. Sam founded Top Tree to make serious improvements to quality standards in the kratom industry, and to make kratom available to everyone - especially veterans. Sam organized the largest kratom tea survey, and continues to add to the scientific understanding of his beloved kratom tea leaf.

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