Double-Wall Mug Brewing Guide

A seamless amalgamation of a mug’s charm and a thermos’s utility, the double-wall glass mug is the best functional-but-still-beautiful tool for brewing great kratom tea. The double-walled insulation is essential—read the guide to learn why.

Double-wall glass mug with tea and tea box, staying warm in the snow


1 kratom tea bag (3 grams)
8-12 oz (240-360 ml) filtered water
Optional: 1 tsp lemon or lime juice
Optional: 1-2 tsp sweetener


Office Hours Mug or other double-wall glass mug with lid (8-14 oz capacity)
Electric kettle, stovetop kettle, or microwave


1. Boil Water: Bring water to a boil (212°F, 100°C) using any method you prefer. You can use an electric kettle, stovetop kettle, coffee maker, or microwave.

2. Prep the Tea: While the water is boiling, add the tea bag and lemon juice (if using) to your mug.

3. Steep Your Tea: Pour boiling water over the tea bag and place the cap on your mug. Steep for at least 15-25 minutes, depending upon desired strength and flavor. Generally, the longer you brew, the stronger (and slightly more bitter) your tea will be.

4. Sweeten: Sweeten your tea to taste, and add any desired flavorings or creamer (creamer is best when not using any citrus).

5. Enjoy: Allow the tea to cool slightly, then drink up!

6. Optional Rebrew: You can typically rebrew your kratom tea bags to make a slightly weaker second mugful of tea. The second brew will typically be stronger if your initial brew time is shorter.

Hand wash your Office Hours Mug in between uses. You can remove the sealing ring from the bamboo lid while washing to get a deeper clean.

Borosilicate Double Wall Glass Mug

Office Hours Mug

Double-Wall Glass Mug | Bamboo Lid

Double-Wall Mug Brewing FAQ

Q: Why is insulation important when making kratom tea?

A: The alkaloids in kratom aren’t highly water soluble. To get the alkaloids out of the leaves and into your water, heat (plus a little bit of acidity) can make a difference.

Regular mugs—i.e., mugs made of ceramic or metal—lose heat very quickly, which would imply a decrease in extraction efficiency for your brew. On the other hand, an insulated mug or thermos traps heat, so your brew will be more effective.

Q: What’s the difference between a regular mug and a double-wall mug?

A: Regular mugs lose heat relatively quickly because they don’t have a cap or insulation. A double-wall mug is insulated by the air in between each side of the glass. Moreover, some double-wall mugs (like the Office Hours Mug) come with an airtight lid for extra heat retention.

A double-wall mug also makes it easier to savor your tea and sip on it slowly, if that’s what you like to do. Unlike a ceramic mug which may keep your tea hot for 10-20 minutes, your double-walled mug of tea will stay hot for a couple of hours.

Q: Can I add more ingredients to my crushed-leaf kratom when brewing in a double-wall mug?

A: Absolutely. You can place other types of tea, herbs, or flavoring directly to your mug. Consider adding these additional ingredients near the end of your kratom tea’s steeping time. Some herbal teas and other ingredients shouldn’t be left in hot water for the full 15-25 minute steep.

Q: Can I microwave water or tea in my double-wall glass mug?

A: While some double-wall glass mugs are microwave safe, always check the manufacturer’s guidelines first. Sudden temperature changes can sometimes damage glass, so heating your water separately and then adding it to the mug is often safer.

The Office Hours Mug (without the bamboo lid on it) is typically microwave safe. It’s made of durable borosilicate glass that responds well to changes in temperature. We’ve even left it sitting in the snow with piping-hot tea inside to make sure it can withstand stark differences in temperature on the inside and outside of the mug.

Q: I have more questions about brewing time, temperature, and other brewing methods. Where can I get answers?

A: Head back to our Kratom Brew Guides Homepage for answers to more general kratom tea brewing questions.


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