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Try raw leaf kratom tea bags or one of our kratom tea blends – kratom leaves combined with organic herbs and spices, from black tea and green tea to chamomile, ginger, or ashwagandha. If you’re looking to buy kratom tea online, you’re in the right place; we have something to offer for any type of tea lover!

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Great tea and there is no other way to enjoy kratom! Honoring the tradition is the best way to experience the benefits of this amazing tree. Great company that is above board and responsive to questions as well.

– Nathan

I got into Kratom a few months ago and it has been outstanding! I typically use the Red Maeng Da to sleep and the White Maeng Da in the mornings in place of coffee a few times a week. I love that these bags can be reused and are compostable as well… I’d recommend this product to literally anyone!!

– Parker

I’ve tried probably all the kratom products on the market right now and this tea is #1. Absolutely the best. I like my tea on the strong side and I usually only need 1 bag. I will definitely be re ordering! You won’t be disappointed!

– Richelle

My experience with this company has been nothing short of excellent. If you’re a regular with kratom or a complete newbie this is the company to work with. Everything about my experience made me feel like I was valued as a customer AND that they believe in the benefits of kratom just as much as me.

– James

Dig into the details on what makes kratom tea so special! From the best kratom tea recipes to United States kratom laws, we’ve got all the latest kratom news!

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Kratom tea: the 411

Kratom tea comes from the leaves of kratom trees. You can find them throughout wetland forests in Southeast Asia in countries like Indonesia and Thailand.

At Top Tree Herbs, we carefully source our kratom tea from Indonesia and support sustainable kratom harvesting through fair wages for farmers.

Always! You can view our kratom Certificates of Analysis here.

All of our kratom products are lab tested by an independent laboratory. We test our kratom leaves for alkaloid concentrations, heavy metals, and microbiological contaminants. Only the best kratom makes it into Top Tree Herbs’ kratom tea and other products.

We are dedicated to supporting your health and safety – it drives everything that we do at Top Tree Herbs. In addition to providing lab tested kratom tea, we also advocate for improved kratom regulation across the country.

When you eat kratom powder instead of drinking kratom tea, you’re consuming the powdered leaves with all of their insoluble fiber. This is one of the reasons that people may find kratom powder uncomfortable to digest.

If you’re tired of toss-and-wash or drinking gritty kratom powder smoothies, kratom tea is the perfect alternative. It’s smooth and delicious – you can brew it any way you like.

Want to know more about brewing? Check out our guides on how to make kratom tea and our favorite kratom tea recipes on the Better Brewing Blog.

Kratom doesn’t contain any caffeine, but it can support your morning energy and motivation just like a cup of coffee!

The effects of kratom typically don’t last as long as coffee, which is why it’s a great coffee alternative to drink later in the day.

To get these wake-up-and-get-moving benefits, we recommend drinking a smaller serving of a white vein kratom tea.

Never! Our teas are all natural, through and through.

We craft a variety of kratom teas, including 100% raw leaf kratom teas, flavored kratom tea, and kratom blends that have a variety of all-organic herbs, spices, and flavors.

Absolutely! We work with select small kratom businesses and kava bars to provide kratom tea for your shelves and your in-house kratom drinks. For more info, fill out our wholesale kratom tea inquiry form.

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