List of thinks kratom tea is good for; box and glass of iced tea with kratom leaves

What is Kratom Tea Good For? 18 Great Reasons & 1 Bad

If you’re a long-time fan of kratom and you’re curious about trying a new form of it, or you’re a tea-lover seeking something different from typical black and herbal teas, you may be wondering what all of the kratom tea fuss is about. Before diving into brewing methods or history, it’s worthwhile to first ask the question: what is kratom tea good for?

To get started, we’ve split the answer to the question of what kratom tea is good for into three main categories:

  1. What are mind & body benefits of kratom tea?
  2. How does kratom tea compare to other types of kratom?
  3. What is kratom tea not good for?

Kratom tea is as common in other regions of the globe as coffee is in the United States. Most adults in the US know exactly what coffee is good for and when to drink it, but have no idea what kratom tea is good for. This isn’t a huge surprise, as a lot of Americans haven’t even heard of kratom, let alone kratom tea.

While kratom tea has been brewed for centuries in Southeast Asia, it’s relatively new in the United States. Until recently, American kratom companies only offered kratom powder and a few other types of kratom.

Top Tree Herbs was the first company to create crushed-leaf kratom tea bags, and since its founding in 2020, kratom tea has seen a pretty steep rise in popularity. There are a lot of reasons for this, from the taste and physical benefits of kratom tea to the engaging rituals and connections people form when making it.

What is Kratom Tea Good For? The Three-Part Answer

So let’s dive into the details of what kratom tea is good for. The first section will focus on what people drink kratom tea for. Then, the second section will elaborate on how kratom tea compares to other forms of kratom. In the third section, we’ll tell you all about the things that kratom tea is not good for.

At the end, you’ll find resources to figure out what types of kratom you should try and how to brew kratom tea to fit your preferences & needs.

Part 1: What are the Mind & Body Benefits of Kratom Tea?

What’s coffee good for? Energy, of course! What’s kratom tea good for? Well, the answer isn’t so simple! However, the fact that there’s not a single-sentence answer to this question is a good thing.

You might not want to drink a cup of coffee late at night, and you probably aren’t interested in drinking a valerian tea blend first thing in the morning. Conversely, you can use the single box of kratom tea in your pantry for a number of occasions, from morning motivation to evening relaxation. You can also choose from a few types of kratom tea to best fit your needs.

Here are many of the main reasons (and times of the day) that people love to drink kratom tea:

  1. Energizing caffeine alternative
  2. Pre-workout drink
  3. Post-exercise recovery
  4. Mood support
  5. Afternoon pick-me-up
  6. Tasty treat
  7. Non-alcoholic cocktail base
  8. Evening relaxation & release

Remember, it’s important to consult a healthcare professional before incorporating kratom tea into your daily routine. Keep in mind that individual responses to kratom (tea or otherwise) can vary. It’s advisable to start with a small serving size and monitor your reaction before drinking more.

1. Caffeine-Free Motivation

Many people have become disenchanted with coffee. In turn, natural coffee alternatives have proliferated. From chicory to powdered mushrooms to—the reason we’re all here—kratom tea, there are a lot intriguing options for caffeine alternatives.

Looking for a way to stay motivated and on-task during your workday? For many people, kratom tea is a great choice. People have consumed kratom tea to sustain them through long workdays in the hot sun for centuries.

2. All-Natural Pre-Workout

Sick of pre-workout drinks made with massive amounts of caffeine, sugar, and artificial flavors? People frequently drink kratom tea before exercising, as it can be energizing despite the fact that it’s caffeine-free. Whether you’re headed to the gym, the climbing wall, the track, or the hiking trail, you can rely on kratom tea to support your fitness routine.

3. Post-Exercise Recovery

After an intense workout, some people turn to kratom tea for post-exercise recovery benefits. Kratom is definitely not a substitute for proper post-workout nutrition and rest, but it is a great addition to your workout-recovery toolbox. When combined with the other essential aspects of your post-workout routine, kratom tea becomes a beat body’s best friend.

4. Mood Support

Kratom tea has gained a lot of attention for its potential mood-supporting effects. Some kratom tea drinkers believe that certain kratom varieties can support a positive outlook. Keep in mind that kratom tea is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

5. Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

Ever tried to combat the post-lunch slump with an afternoon cup of coffee, then regretted it when you couldn’t get to bed? A cup of kratom tea could help you power through your afternoon without causing you to stay up later than intended.

6. Out-of-the-Ordinary Treat

Tired of sipping on classic herbal tea, traditional cocktails, or soda in the evenings? Searching for a unique treat to indulge in instead? Kratom tea might be just what you’re looking for!

When brewed alone, kratom tea has a strong earthy flavor, somewhat comparable to unsweetened black tea. Many people have acquired a taste for it, and love to drink this bitter brew. But if you’re looking for an out-of-the-ordinary treat, try a flavored kratom tea blend. Alternatively, recreate your favorite treat with one of our specialty tea recipes, like kratom hot chocolate or kratom chai lattes.

7. Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Base

Kratom iced tea rum and coke mocktail with slices of lime next to tea bags

Black tea and herbal teas are quite commonly used as the base for mocktails, but most of these don’t have effects. If you’d like a mocktail that can provide relaxation or a bit of energy, kratom tea can be a great base.

Some of our favorite recipes include kratom sangria, kratom mojitos, kratom tea seltzers, or non-alcoholic rum & coke. We love making these recipes when sharing kratom tea with friends and family on a night out, or during the holidays. Check our favorite kratom drink recipes here.

Regardless of what’s in your cocktail, don’t forget to practice responsible consumption!

8. Evening Relaxation & Release

Evening relaxation to read the news or a book with kratom tea

Unwind and find serenity with a cup of kratom tea. Some individuals drink kratom tea in the evening or before bed to support relief and release after a strenuous day.

These benefits are typically associated with red vein kratom tea and/or larger serving sizes of tea, but that may not be true for everyone. We’ll delve into the differences in types of kratom and brewing methods below, after we answer the question “what is kratom tea good for” in the context of how kratom tea compares to other types of kratom products.

Part 2: What are the Benefits of Kratom Tea Compared to Other Kratom Types?

If you’re unfamiliar with the other forms of kratom and want to know a bit more about them, you can read about the various types of kratom products here.

Here are the many great reasons why you might choose kratom tea over other forms of kratom:

  1. Can be consumed slowly
  2. No need to swallow insoluble plant fiber
  3. Pre-weighed servings
  4. Full spectrum of alkaloids
  5. Better taste
  6. Mess-free and easy to travel with
  7. Stigma-free
  8. Soothing ritual
  9. Great way to drink socially and build community
  10. Enables connection with kratom traditions

1. Drink it Over Time

If you’re busy at work or out with friends, it’d probably be uncomfortable (not to mention, pretty messy) to toss-and-wash kratom powder 30 minutes or every hour. In our experience, people typically consume kratom powder just 1-4 times per day.

Contrarily, you can easily consume kratom tea over any time period. Once you brew it, you can drink it in just a couple of minutes, sip it slowly throughout the morning, or drink it through the entire day—the choice is yours!

2. Avoid Swallowing Insoluble Fiber

When you consume kratom powder, you’re not just getting the kratom alkaloids and other phytochemicals in the leaves. Rather, you’re consuming the entire leaf, ground up with all of its insoluble fiber. Many people have complained about discomfort from consuming kratom powder for this reason.

With kratom tea, you steep the leaves in boiling water to extract the desired compounds from inside, but the leaf material stays in your tea bag!

3. Pre-Weighed Serving Sizes

With powder, you’d typically want to measure out your serving size using a milligram scale. You can sometimes use a small measuring spoon to get the same volume of kratom powder each time you prepare it, but the density may not be the same if your powder gets packed down or absorbs moisture over time. Even if you buy the same kratom “strain” from the same vendor, different batches can differ in density, meaning that you may have to adjust the teaspoon measurements between batches.

Green Kratom Tea with Pre-Weighed Tea Bags

If you want to make things a little easier, skip the powder, grab a kratom tea bag, and go! With pre-weighed 3g servings, you won’t have to spend any time measuring out your serving size.

Plus, if you’re on the go and you decide you’d like to have a slightly larger serving of kratom alkaloids, you can brew your tea for longer or resteep your tea bags.

4. Full Spectrum of Kratom Alkaloids

Kratom products like extracts, gummies, and seltzers commonly contain just mitragynine or just a couple of the natural alkaloids found in kratom leaves. With kratom tea, you get to consume the full spectrum of alkaloids. Plus, you’re getting a unique mix of the leaves and the stems in your tea bags.

5. Better Taste

Taste is certainly subjective, but we can confidently say that kratom tea tastes better than kratom powder!

Plus, Top Tree Herbs tea doesn’t contain any added sweeteners or artificial flavors. Try a plain kratom tea and customize it to match your exact preferences by making a delicious kratom tea recipe. Alternatively, get a flavorful kratom tea blend of raw leaf kratom and a mix of organic herbs and spices.

6. Mess-Free, Makes it Easy to Travel

How unfortunate would it be to find that your bag of kratom powder opened in your backpack or suitcase and scattered powder all over your belongings? Not only would you be stuck for an hour getting powder out of your clothes or other belongings, but you’d also be wasting all of that powder instead of consuming it.

Instead, travel with kratom tea bags to prevent messes and get some peace of mind. It’s easy to take out a tea bag and pop it in your thermos at the airport, the gym, or the office.

7. Stigma-Free

At Top Tree, we believe that people shouldn’t feel stigmatized for consuming any type of kratom, whether it be tea or powder or another form. In reality, though, we know that stigmatization happens. The way that kratom products have been made and marketed in the past hasn’t necessarily helped the situation.

Kratom tea bags are great ambassadors for kratom, because they tend to be on the more mild side and because almost everyone is familiar with other types of tea bags. Therefore, the practice of making kratom tea fits within a framework people are already comfortable with. While you might get a few stares if you pull out a bag of green powder and a digital scale at work, weigh out your kratom, and toss it back, you’d probably go unnoticed when brewing tea bags and drinking your tea.

8. Soothing Ritual

Brewing and enjoying kratom tea can become a ritualistic and calming experience. The act of making tea and sipping it mindfully adds an element of relaxation and mindfulness to your kratom routine.

You can even incorporate it into a drink ritual you’ve already established. Do you make a cup of golden milk each evening before bed in the wintertime? Just swap it out for a kratom golden milk latte!

9. Drink Socially and Build Community

Despite the fact that it’s common practice in American culture to drink alcohol for relaxing or going out, there are great alternatives to booze when you’re relaxing at home with family, celebrating the holidays, or going out on the town with friends!

Sharing a cup of kratom tea with friends or loved ones can create a social and communal experience, fostering connections and conversations. You can brew a large batch of kratom tea at home to share with others, or try a new kratom drink at your local kava bar.

10. Connect with Kratom Tea Traditions

Kratom Tea TraditionsIn regions where kratom has been traditionally consumed, tea is a common and culturally significant way to enjoy its benefits. Embracing this historical context adds depth to the kratom experience.

Learn more about herbal tea & kratom tea traditions!

Now that we’ve covered the many answers to the question what is kratom tea good for, let’s go over the basics of how to get started with kratom tea.

Benefits can Vary from Person to Person

Everything from perceptions and expectations to physiology and experience level can affect your experience of consuming kratom. So it’s easy to understand that the benefits you receive from kratom tea may differ from the benefits another person receives. This happens for a number of reasons, even if you drink the same brand and variety of tea and prepare it the same way.

What is Kratom Tea Good for? Explore the World of Kratom Tea and Find Out Firsthand!

As the uses and benefits of kratom tea can vary among individuals, many people find joy in exploring its effects and discovering what works best for them through a bit of trial and error.

Kratom enthusiasts often experiment with different varieties and preparations to tailor their experience to their needs and preferences.

Part 3: What Kratom Tea Is Not Good For

As you’ve read, the question “what is kratom tea good for?” has a long list of answers. There are so many reasons to drink kratom tea, and to choose it over other types of kratom. But we want to balance that list of advantages with a few notes on what kratom tea isn’t good for.

There are a lot of kratom vendors out there that, when presented with the question what is kratom tea good for, will respond confidently with the medical benefits of kratom. There is a wide range of health & disease claims made by some kratom vendors. Nevertheless, kratom tea isn’t an alternative to medications or a treatment for any diseases.

While our community has learned a lot of about kratom’s benefits from centuries of traditional use and personal experience, the benefits described above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Kratom hasn’t yet been FDA-approved. Again, it’s important to speak with a healthcare professional before consuming kratom in any form.

Watch out for kratom companies that sell dozens of kratom strains or make unapproved health claims. Some vendors will sell multiple strains as a marketing tactic, claiming that each has a very specific origin and set of benefits. Some don’t test their kratom for contaminants because it’s an expensive and time-consuming process.

It’s good practice to only buy from companies that lab-test their kratom for contaminants and alkaloid content—these are typically companies that put your wellbeing and understanding over their own profits.

Whether you’re drinking coffee, kratom tea, or any other new drink, it’s important to practice mindfulness and moderation. Conduct thorough research before trying kratom tea. There are many more resources on the Better Brewing Blog, as well as independent research organizations that aren’t associated with any kratom companies.

Getting Started with Kratom Tea

Excited by all the benefits and ready to try kratom tea for yourself? Learn how to pick the right tea for you and become an expert at brewing it. Get started with these beginner guides on the Better Brewing Blog:

  1. Browse our selection of kratom tea bags
  2. How to choose between the different vein colors and strains of kratom tea
  3. How to make the best kratom leaf tea
  4. Get more info on the various types of kratom products

Keep in mind that the question of what kratom tea is good for is multifaceted. The benefits are dependent on individual preferences, needs, and circumstances.

As we’ve explored, kratom tea presents a range of mind and body benefits. Each can be tailored to different moments in your day, from energizing mornings to serene evenings.

A Mugful of Possibilities

When brewing kratom tea, you open the door to a world of possibilities. The ritualistic joy of brewing, the camaraderie of sharing a cup with friends, and the connection to kratom’s rich traditions all contribute to the allure of this unique tea.

Remember that while kratom tea has gained popularity and positive attention, it’s essential to approach it with respect and mindfulness. Before incorporating kratom tea into your routine, consult with a healthcare professional. Don’t forget to explore the resources available to make informed decisions about which types of kratom, serving sizes, and brewing methods to utilize.

Kratom tea is a bridge between traditional wisdom and modern practices, a source of potential wellness benefits, and an opportunity to engage with a vibrant and evolving community. As you embark on your journey into the world of kratom tea, we hope you find comfort, discovery, and connection with the diverse range of experiences it has to offer. Once you’ve gotten started, let us know your answer to the question of what is kratom tea good for!

Cheers to savoring each sip of this remarkable tea and embracing the benefits it holds for your well-being and lifestyle.

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