What in the world is kratom tea?

Kratom has been a popular herb for supporting mood, energy, comfort, and rest for centuries. Yet in the US, kratom has mainly been available as a powder, not as a tea. We founded Top Tree Herbs to change that.

Kratom Trees

Lost in Translation

Kratom tea is made from the leaves of kratom trees. The leaves are steeped in hot water – just like chamomile, black tea, or rooibos.

Kratom tea has been brewed for hundreds of years in regions where kratom trees grow naturally. 

Just like Any Other Tea, Yet Completely Unique

We founded Top Tree Herbs to reconnect with that practice – to embrace kratom tea traditions and bring them to people in places where kratom trees aren’t as common.

Top Tree Herbs has spent the last four years reintroducing people to kratom – the whole plant, not just the powder. We craft crushed-leaf kratom tea, ready to brew in tea bags. Unlike toss and wash with kratom powder, you can indulge in the experience of brewing and drinking kratom tea – just like you would with chai or herbal tea, or your favorite coffee drink. It’s a new way to experience the effects of kratom that you love.

High Quality Kratom, Always

Our customers’ wellbeing is our top priority, and lab testing is a critical step in protecting it. We make tea that can support you for the long term, not just for a week or a month.

3rd-Party Lab Testing

All of our kratom is lab-tested for quality and alkaloid compositions and cGMP-qualified by the American Kratom Association. We use only the best kratom in our teas and other kratom products.

View our Certificates of Analysis

Every Detail Matters

We use organic flavors, herbs, and spices to craft kratom teas for a wide range of purposes. Our tea bags are made with biodegradable and organic plant fiber – they’re free of any microplastics.

Top Tree Herbs was founded to provide kratom consumers with a trustworthy, more traditional option for consuming kratom: crushed-leaf kratom tea bags.

Changing the Narrative

Our company was founded by two friends, Soren and Sam, who were kratom consumers themselves before starting Top Tree. They had each seen loved ones suffer because of the War on Drugs, and wanted to do their part to end it.

They created kratom tea bags to provide kratom lovers with a traditional option that was packaged just like any other tea, free of the stigma that’s often associated with kratom.

Top Tree Herbs founder Samuel Weber

Sam was an Air Force veteran who wanted to help other vets improve their physical & mental wellbeing. He was working on quality control in the cannabis industry when he realized that change was desperately needed in the world of kratom.

Soren produced Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia, a documentary about how communities across the globe use psychoactive substances. He started Top Tree to reduce biases and misunderstandings in the kratom world and beyond.

We're turning tea bags into ambassadors for the kratom tree in a culture that often misrepresents it.

Cheers to Better Brewing!


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