Kratom pre workout liquid tea with dumbbells and sneakers preparing for exercise

The Best Kratom Pre-Workout for Powerful Exercise

Have you ever thought about exploring how natural energizers with a twist of modern innovation—like kratom pre-workout drinks—could be used in place of typical tubs of pre-workout powder?

Far from your average caffeine fix, kratom tea and other kratom products are shaking up the fitness scene. So whether you’re headed to the gym, the track, the climbing wall, or a physically demanding job, we’ll help you understand how kratom pre-workouts can meet your needs.

  1. Why use a pre-workout?
  2. Natural products historically used for energy
  3. Potential problems with mainstream pre-workouts
  4. Why try kratom as a pre-workout?
  5. What type of kratom is best for fitness?
  6. 5 safety tips for drinking kratom tea pre-workout

Why Do People Use Pre-Workout Drinks?

As you may know, part of your workout is physical and part is mental. Having the initiative to exercise is a psychological battle—one that you can lose before even stepping foot in the gym.

Many people consume pre-workout supplements, coffee, energy drinks, and tea before exercising to get a longer and more focused workout. The main goal of consuming a pre-workout is to stay energized and slow down the rate at which you tire out physically and mentally.

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The Land Before Pre-Workouts: Natural Products Historically Used for Energy

Long before GNC opened its doors and the dietary supplements industry started pumping out pre-workout powders, bars, gels, and canned drinks that promised to improve peoples’ fitness, there were still hundreds of plants and compounds people could use for the same purposes.

People have used plants as mood-boosters and energy enhancers for millennia. Examples include mate, cacao, coca, guarana, ashwagandha, and, of course, kratom. They may not have had exciting brand names or complex formulations, but they were incredibly effective and reliable tools that people used for daily life and work.

Communities in Southeast Asia have consumed kratom to enhance their productivity for centuries. People would chew the leaves of kratom trees or drink kratom tea to provide energy and comfort during long, hot, and strenuous days of work.

Before we dive too deeply into the specific benefits of kratom tea and other kratom pre-workout options, we want to answer a couple of important questions: What’s wrong with other pre-workout options on the market? Why would someone want to find an alternative?

Problems with Mainstream Pre-Workout Options

While some manufacturers of pre-workout powders and drinks are reputable, others make unrealistic claims about their products’ effects. They may also utilize excessive amounts of certain ingredients or fail to screen for contaminants that could hamper your long-term fitness and wellness goals.

Pre-workout supplements and energy drinks on the mainstream market often include ingredients like caffeine, beta-alanine, branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), creatine, tyrosine, and taurine.

Caffeine in particular has potential pitfalls that we’ll consider below.

1. Excessive Amounts of Caffeine

A lot of people have a tolerance to caffeine. To make products effective, some manufacturers seriously up the ante. It’s not uncommon to find ‘high stim pre’ products (short for high-stimulant pre-workout products) with 300-400 mg of caffeine per serving. This is the amount found in 3-4 cups of coffee. That’s 75-100% of the recommended daily maximum of caffeine in just one serving.

2. Impaired Sleep and Recovery

Caffeine can keep you awake and decrease the quality of your sleep. If you like to exercise in the evenings, caffeinated pre-workouts might hurt your fitness goals by interfering with your sleep and post-workout recovery.

3. Uncomfortable Effects

Multi-ingredient pre-workouts can have effects that go beyond energy. For some people, they cause effects like skin reactions, heart abnormalities, nausea, or jitteriness.

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Multi-ingredient pre-workout supplements and energy drinks work very well for some people. But if they aren’t working for you for the reasons above or any others, there are alternatives.

Kratom pre-workout products similarly aren’t perfect for everyone, but they are becoming incredibly popular because they provide millions of people with effects that other pre-workouts don’t.

The Benefits of Working Out with Kratom Instead of Other Pre-Workouts

Kratom tea and other kratom products can offer more than just a quick buzz. Kratom leaves contain a myriad of different alkaloids, just like coffee beans or matcha or cocoa. These alkaloids, and the various other phytochemicals (chemicals produced by plants, such as terpenes and saponins) have proven to be effective natural energizers for centuries.

The best kratom pre-workout for working out indoors or outdoors
Crushed-leaf tea is our favorite kratom pre-workout because it’s portable, customizable, reasonably priced, and keeps you hydrated more so than other options. It’s great not just for working out at the gym or your local crag, but also for tough workdays and post-workout recovery.

Before kratom became more widely available in the US, it had nascent popularity on bodybuilding forums. It was touted for its energizing effects, along with loads of other benefits.

Kratom can help you push past physical walls that once slowed you down. It can also serve as a great post-workout recovery supplement. Here are the main benefits of kratom pre-workouts:

1. Kratom Can Support Energy, Focus, and Motivation

Kratom’s active compounds can help you feel energized and focused. Coupled with proper nutrition and your own desire to have a good workout, kratom can take your exercise routine to the next level.

2. Kratom Won’t Keep You Awake as Long as Caffeine Will

Kratom alkaloids typically get metabolized and leave your body faster than caffeine does. This means you can drink your pre-workout kratom tea before an evening gym session without worrying about being kept up all night.

3. Kratom is Less Expensive Than Most Pre-Workout Drinks

Many kratom products are extremely affordable. Compared to an energy drink or powder pre-workout that can cost $1 to $4 per serving, most kratom pre-workouts won’t break the bank.

4. Kratom Can Double as a Post-Workout Supplement for Relaxation and Relief

Kratom’s effects depend largely on serving size. Smaller servings are usually energizing, and larger servings can actually be relaxing and soothing. When DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) is setting in, kratom can help you get some relief.

What Kratom Product Type is Best for Fitness?

Which kratom product type is optimal for bringing along to your next workout? Let’s get into how the different kratom varieties and product types compare when it comes to finding a natural exercise boost.

  1. Best Overall: Crushed-Leaf Tea Bags
  2. Cheapest: Kratom Powder
  3. Most Convenient: Kratom Capsules and Tablets
  4. Other Product Types to Consider
  5. Best Vein Color and Strain of Kratom for Exercise

Best Overall Kratom Pre-Workout: Crushed-Leaf Kratom Tea Bags

When assessing the efficacy and utility of kratom pre-workouts, brewed kratom tea comes out on the top of our list for a range of reasons. These include tea’s quick onset of effects, flavor versatility, portability, and reasonable price. Plus, tea keeps you hydrated more so than kratom powder, extracts, or other product types do.

Kratom Tea Bags — Best Kratom Liquid

Whether you’re crafting a refreshing iced tea to beat the heat or a warm, soothing blend for a brisk morning run, the customization possibilities of kratom tea are endless. Want a kratom-infused smoothie or a coffee alternative? You’ve got it. This adaptability makes crushed-leaf tea a standout choice for those who value both taste and functionality in their fitness regimen.

Crushed-leaf tea bags are also less expensive than most energy drinks. They are one of the cheapest kratom liquids, and cost just $0.50 to $1.50 per serving.

The only slight downside is that kratom tea requires a bit of preparation and cleanup. It’s not as simple to consume as kratom capsules or canned energy drinks.

Most Convenient Kratom Pre-Workout: Kratom Capsules or Tablets

Kratom capsules and tablets are quick and convenient. They’re pre-measured, portable, and require no preparation or cleanup.

White kratom capsule features

One great benefit of capsules is that they have no taste because of the outer capsule. You can find them in flavorless vegetable cellulose capsules or gelatin capsules. Some people report do stomach upset from gelatin-based capsules. However, it does take time to break down the outer capsule to get the powder’s effects.

Cheapest Kratom Pre-Workout: Kratom Powder

Kratom powder is typically the least expensive kratom product in the US, but this one upside has a number of caveats.

Kratom powder isn’t widespread because of its taste or quality. Rather, it’s because powder can be tightly packed and is the most cost-effective way for importers to get kratom to the US.

Kratom powder is effective for exercise but tastes extremely bitter. Preparing it can be a bit messy, as you have to weight out your serving size. Most people mix it with water or juice, or they use the toss-and-wash method. Some people experience an upset stomach after consuming it.

Kratom powder is often sold in bulk. You can usually find it for $0.25-$1.00 per serving. Be cautious when buying large quantities, as kratom can go bad if not stored properly.

Other Formulations and Liquid Kratom Options

Other types of kratom include liquid kratom extracts, kratom shots, gummies, canned kratom seltzers, and drink mixes.

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These products tend to have a very high price tag, anywhere from $3 to $10 per serving. Additionally, many are heavily processed. They may contain additives, sweeteners (natural or artificial), or fillers. Some products are a mix of kratom and other psychoactive compounds such as caffeine, valerian root, L-theanine, or yohimbe bark.

A few, like KRATOMade extract packets, are packaged and marketed just like sports drink mixes. These options are very convenient and taste better than plain powder, but are concentrated and may not be a good choice for beginners.

You can find out more about these options and how they might fit into your fitness routine in our Guide to Kratom Product Types.

Which Vein Colors and Strains are Best for Exercise?

Like tea, coffee, or cannabis, kratom leaves can be grown, harvested, dried, fermented, and processed differently to produce concentrations of active and inactive compounds, and thus slightly different effects and flavors.

Kratom comes in three main ‘vein colors’: red, white, and green. Many companies subdivide these three categories by using various ‘strains.’

Keep in mind, a lot of the effects of kratom depend upon serving size and product formulation. The difference in effects of various vein colors and strains may be largely tied to how they are marketed and packaged.

All of this is to say, don’t get too bogged down in choosing a strain. Just find a reputable vendor that has high-quality products.

  • Best pre-workout vein color and serving size: White vein kratom and smaller amounts of kratom are typically recommend for energy and motivation.
  • Best exercise recovery vein color and serving size: Red vein kratom and larger amounts are often recommended for relief and relaxation. When muscle soreness sets in and you’re looking to rest and reset, red vein kratom is a a great option.
  • Best kratom type for drinking throughout your workout: If you like long workouts or fitness activities, you may want to try drinking tea or taking capsules during the workout. For this, green vein kratom is a great choice. It often helps with feeling both focused and balanced.

These are general guidelines, and aren’t true for everyone. You may need to do a little bit of trial and error to find your ideal types and amount of kratom for exercise. To avoid overconsumption, always start small and work your way up.

If you’d like to understand how vein colors, strains, and serving sizes differ (and what myths and marketing tactics exist in the kratom industry), you can read these thorough guides to choosing a kratom strain and kratom tea serving sizes.

Kratom Fitness FAQs

Q: How long my workout should I drink my kratom tea?

A: The best time to take your kratom pre-workout is about 30 minutes before you start exercising. This gives your body enough time to process the pre-workout so that it has entered your bloodstream when you start your workout.

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If you’re using a pre-workout that includes caffeine, we recommend that you do not take it within six hours of your expected bedtime.

Kratom tea travel thermos

Q: Can I make kratom tea in advance of my workout?

A: Absolutely. If you need to hit the gym right after you wake up and don’t have time to brew tea, you can make your tea a day or two in advance of your workout. Just store it in the fridge until you’re ready to drink it. You can drink it iced or reheat it before you head to the gym.

One of our favorite brewing tips: you can steep your tea overnight. Add your tea to your thermos the night before your AM workout, then grab it and go in the morning. Remember, an overnight brew will be strong, so sip slowly and stay in tune with how you’re feeling.

Q: Can I mix kratom tea with other energizing pre-workout products or relaxing post-workout supplements?

A: Yes, but it’s essential to do so thoughtfully and safely. Be wary of mixing kratom with high-stimulant pre-workout supplements, as this combination could be too intense. Consult with your healthcare professional before experimenting with kratom or blending it with other products.

5 Essential Safety Tips for a Healthy Kratom Fitness Routine

As with any food or supplement, it’s crucial to approach kratom with informed caution. When consuming any pre-workout, make sure to prioritize hydration, nutrition, and professional advice. Here are a few precautions you need to be aware of before starting a kratom pre-workout routine:

1. Don’t Forget to Hydrate

Like coffee, kratom is a diuretic. In other words, it will make you urinate more. When you drink kratom tea instead of eating kratom powder for your pre-workout, you’re getting in an extra 1-2 cups of water.

Regardless, it’s important to drink lots of water in addition to your kratom when you work out. Even if you don’t consume kratom when you exercise, being properly hydrated is never a bad decision.

Kratom Tea for Exercise
For exercising on hot days, place your iced kratom tea or a kratom drink mix in an insulated mug to keep it cool at the gym, pickleball court, track, or on any other adventure. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water in addition to your kratom pre-workout.

2. Maintain Good Nutrition

Frequent or intense exercise isn’t a substitute for proper nutrition. Make sure you’re eating well and supporting your fitness goals outside of the gym as well as inside the gym.

If you’re already dehydrated or haven’t eaten anything when you drink your kratom tea, you may feel a little dizzy. This isn’t necessarily dangerous—unless you’re operating heavy machinery or are dangling heavy weight over your head. We recommend keeping extra water and a snack on hand while you exercise in case you need it.

3. Speak to a Healthcare Provider

You should always speak to your healthcare provider before adding new compounds or supplements to your workout routine. This is especially important if you have health concerns or take any medications.

Kratom pre-workout drinks are not right for everyone. You shouldn’t risk your long-term health for any short-term gains at the gym. Like coffee, kratom may be habit-forming.

If you try a kratom product for fitness or any other purpose and experience negative effects, make sure to speak with your healthcare provider immediately.

4. Be Mindful of Kratom’s Effects

Kratom can have bodily benefits that can make it easier to work out, but there’s a caveat to this: it can potentially mask discomfort or overuse. Be cautious and intentional when consuming kratom powder or drinking kratom tea for fitness.

5. Buy Lab-Tested Products to Ensure Quality

Not all pre-workout brands are equal in quality. This applies to both kratom brands and non-kratom exercise supplement brands.

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Make sure the products you buy have been independently lab-tested for quality. This includes testing for microbiological contaminants and heavy metals, which are frequent issues in various types of supplements.

Ready to Brew a Fitter Future?

Kratom pre-workout drinks blend traditional wisdom with contemporary fitness needs. When utilized carefully, these products can be incredibly effective alternatives to conventional caffeine-heavy pre-workouts.

Whether you’re a gym warrior looking to crush your next session or you’re just seeking a natural boost for life’s daily marathon, kratom could be your new secret weapon. Dive into our selection of kratom tea and capsules, and start brewing your path to a fitter, more energized you.

Curious about other uses for kratom? Head to the Better Brewing Blog for more how-to articles, kratom tea recipes, and kratom science.

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