Microdosing Kratom

Kratom Strain Myths

To microdose kratom is to refer to the act of ingesting small amounts of kratom. In this blog, we’ll first discuss what microdosing means in general. Then, we’ll get into the traditions behind microdosing kratom, the perks of microdosing kratom, and how to microdose kratom like a pro. Cross-Category Perspective: The Origins and Expansion of […]

Kratom Tea: The Best Natural Pre-Workout

The best way to kickstart your workout isn’t found in a modern pre-workout powdered concoction – it’s found in the annals of history. Kratom tea is a natural pre-workout that’s been used for centuries. Laborers in Southeast Asia consumed kratom to enhance their productivity and keep them going through long, hot, and strenuous days of […]

Kiedaisch Climbing and Kratom Tea: A Passion Hidden in the Hills

Monroe County, Ohio and Wetzel County, West Virginia sit across each other on either side of the Ohio River. Both counties are sparsely populated, filled mainly with the rolling foothills of the Appalachian mountains. Kiedaisch Point Park is one of the many incredible recreation destinations scattered throughout the area. Locals love it for its moderate […]

How To Make Kratom Tea: 2023 Update

As long-time kratom consumers, we know how it feels when you’re getting started with kratom tea. There are many places to buy crushed-leaf kratom tea out there, as well as countless different recommendations on how to prepare kratom tea. You may find yourself wondering, out of all of these options, what’s the best way to make […]

The Seasonal Kratom Tea Recipe Book (PDF Download)

Basil Green Kratom Cocktail

Are you ready to take your kratom tea to the next level? Checking out the Kratom Tea Recipe Book is a great way to get started. When we first founded Top Tree, we created a recipe book with recipes for all occasions and experience levels. It was just one digital recipe book that we shared […]

How to Choose a Kratom Tea Strain

Kratom companies put a lot of effort into marketing different kratom strains. A few of them, like Maeng Da or Super Green kratom varieties, have a lot of hype surrounding them in the kratom community. Have you been wondering how to choose a kratom tea strain? If you’re overwhelmed by the choices, we’re here to […]

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