Top Tree Herbs Kratom Leaf Tea Bags Enjoy the simplicity of Top Tree ready-to-brew kratom tea bags. No hassle, no gimmicks, just top shelf kratom packaged like any other tea.

A Simple Process

At Top Tree, we believe in simplicity, and our teas are exactly that: kratom leaf in a tea bag. And for now, that’s our entire focus. We hope you enjoy.

Kratom Tea Bags

Unlike vendors that offer 50+ kratom strains, we believe in keeping things simple.That’s why we’re offering three types of tea--a white vein, a green vein, and a red vein. We also offer discounts on bundles and subscriptions. Select a tea for details.

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Better Brewing Blog

If you've Googled ``kratom tea,`` you've probably noticed information is limited. Our goal is to fix this. At Top Tree, we believe in sharing our tips, tricks, recipes, and experiences with the kratom tea community.
  • Introduction If you’ve ever researched how to make kratom tea, you know that finding accurate information online isn’t easy. Whether it’s deciding how long to brew, or figuring out if you can use boiling water, there’s rarely a clear answer. For those

  • This blog is a recap of Dr. Oliver Grundmann's and Hamilton Morris's discussion regarding Dr. Grundmann's latest kratom survey. When possible, citations have been provided for the topics that they discussed. Dr. Oliver Grundmann Dr. Oliver Grundmann is one of the most

  • Introduction After decades of doubt, the herbal revolution is here. People are turning to natural products like CBD and kratom tea. Today we'll cover how you go about making the combined version, known simply as "CBD kratom tea." Compared to five