Unwind Beginner Bundle

Red Vein Kratom Tea + Trekker Thermos


Want to try kratom tea for relaxation and relief, but not sure how to get started? Unwind effortlessly with the red kratom tea starter kit, which includes one box of raw leaf red vein kratom tea bags and one box of our specialty chai red vein kratom tea blend.

Each starter bundle includes:

→ 1 box of Unwind (14 – 3g tea bags)
→ 1 box of Chai Unwind (14 – 5g tea bags)
→ 27oz insulated tea thermos
→ Top Tree Herbs sticker (color may vary)

Ease into Relaxation with Unwind

Raw Leaf & Chai Red Vein Kratom Tea Bags

Set the stage for a peaceful transition from day to night with a mug of Unwind or Chai Unwind, your go-to kratom teas for evening relaxation and nighttime tranquility. The bundle includes one box of Unwind (14 raw leaf red vein tea bags: 3g kratom leaf per tea bag, 42g total) and one box of Chai Unwind (14 chamomile chai red vein tea bags: 3g red vein kratom leaf + 2g organic chai spices per tea bag, 70g total).

Insulated Thermos to Brew Better

Brewing your calming kratom tea becomes an effortless experience with our dedicated tea thermos, the Trekker. With a 27oz capacity, you can prepare enough tea to help you unwind solo or with friends. The stainless steel insulation maintains your tea’s warmth, while the spill-proof top, multifunctional lid, and built-in tea strainer simplify the brewing process, ensuring every cup is steeped to perfection.

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