Back Home Music Festival. Good Music, Better Tea!

Festival Season Begins!

The festival season begins for Top Tree at the Back Home music Festival the weekend of June 25th. This free bluegrass and jam band festival is located in co-founder Soren’s hometown in the hills of West Virginia. We can not wait to share our tea with his community. Look for our tent (shrouded by live Mitragyna speciosa trees) in the food section where we’ll be serving ready to drink tea as well as our regular assortment of tea bags.

This is the first time co-founder and resident deadhead Sam will visit Soren’s hometown (as well as his first time seeing Melvin Seals & the Jerry Garcia Band live).We’ll be serving all sorts of delicious treats. We’re excited to crack open our classic kratom tea recipe book and serve up a variety of hot and iced kratom tea beverages. We’re excited to reveal our very own local, fresh-leaf kratom arnold palmers!

Tea and Musical Pairing

Of course, we’ll also have our standard assortment of kratom tea bags and kratom tea herbal blends. Early risers can stop by every morning for a cup of our newest iced kratom teas! And following Saturday’s morning yoga at the mainstage, we’ll be serving a special iced Passion Fruit White Maeng Da kratom tea!

And after the daily festivities, when the stars are bright and your feet ache from dancing to Sam Bush all day, grab a thermos of our highest alkaloid containing tea, Red Bali, to get you through the Late late night silent disco with KR-3.

Be it Melvin Seals & the JGB, Sam Bush, Larry Keel Experience, or any of the other incredible names gracing the festival, we can all appreciate the return to socialization. Dancing and tea share a common thread. Both are best with friends. It’s an honor for us to be serving our kratom tea to all the festival attendees as we return to mingling, sharing, sipping, and laughing – the simple things that we’ve all been missing. Can’t wait to see you there!

Top Tree After Party?

Be sure to take advantage of the free tent camping at the local marina. RV camping is welcome as well. Throw a kettle next to the fire and brew up a bedtime tea to pass around new friends and old alike. The Back Home Festival welcomes you home with a cup of tea! A fan favorite of the past years has been the end of night jam session in the Lincoln Theater. Prep your thermos before you go and enjoy dancing through the evening – a true late night part’tea! Don’t miss Saturday night’s set in celebration of Bob Dylan’s 80th birthday.

What Is Kratom Tea?

For those who are not familiar.  Kratom is the name for the leaves of the Mitragynia speciosa tree, a relative of the coffee plant. This history of kratom goes back centuries in Thailand. One of the traditional ways of taking kratom is chewing the leaf for a few seconds. The alkaloids only have to touch your mucous membrane in your mouth for a few seconds to get the effect. When not chewing on the leaves, a big pot of tea is prepared to share among friends and family.

In the US, kratom has a problem. Specifically, everyone is taking it the wrong way. A majority of the 15 million daily US kratom consumers swallow the leaf powder. To put it in perspective, can you imagine if the only way people used coffee was eating ground up beans that had been packaged into capsules? Exactly – we’d all think that was ludicrous!

Instead of selling kratom powder, what we’ve done at Top Tree is run with the traditional tea preparation, improve the experience, while continuing to learn about kratom. Simply steep the tea bags for 20 minutes in hot water with some lemon juice. You’re then left with a delicious and powerful tea.

Hope to See You There!

We can’t wait to kick off the summer at the Back Home music festival. We’re pairing our White Maeng Da tea with Sam Bush. Our Red Bali with Melvin Seals and the JGB. The evening blend with both KR-3 shows. Green OG Bali with the Larry Keel Experience. Passion Fruit Morning Blend with morning yoga. Of course, we’ll have our fresh leaf arnold palmers on tap the whole weekend! Let’s start this summer off right!

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