The High Up & Low Down on Climbing with Kratom

Kratom is a tree that grows in wetland forests throughout Southeast Asia. For hundreds of years, people have brewed the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree to make tea.

This natural botanical has been traditionally consumed for its energizing and relieving effects. Kratom tea is often enjoyed as a coffee alternative, or an evening drink to help people unwind and socialize.

Kratom tea is a fantastic addition to any climber’s gear bag. It can support focus and motivation like a cup of coffee, but without stoking jitters or sweaty palms.

Kratom tea is also great for relaxing and recovering after a long day on the wall – in Southeast Asia, kratom tea is commonly consumed in place of alcohol at social gatherings and around a campfire with friends and loved ones.

Climbing, hiking, rowing, running, movie marathoning (yes, that’s a sport), biking, playing pickleball – there are so many activities that kratom tea can support you during.

Pick from the options below – Motivate, Maintain, and Recover – to find a type of kratom tea that suits your needs best, whether it’s motivation before you exercise or relief the day after.

Kratom tea is an awesome option for gym-goers, climbers, and other athletes of all kinds. It’s a great alternative to highly-caffeinated energy drinks and supplements, but isn’t yet widely available in stores.

If you’re interested in making kratom tea available at your local gym, let us know!

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Kratom is legal in most states and regulated in many states, but some states have independently decided to prevent the sale of kratom or limit it to ages 21+. To find out whether or not you can buy kratom in your state, check out this map.

Our team at Top Tree Herbs continues to advocate alongside kratom consumers for proper kratom regulation, especially by supporting the passage of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

Learn more about the KCPA in your state.

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