Kratom Crossword Puzzle


2. A drink prepared by soaking a plant in water

4. C in KCPA

9. P in KCPA

10. One of the common names for kratom in Thailand

11. Brewing kratom tea and chewing kratom leaves are                 methods for consuming kratom

14. Kratom variety often used in evening blends

15. Top Tree Herbs’ specialty

18. Part of the leaf that supplies nutrients and provides structural support

19. Latin kratom identifier after speciosa, for botanist Pieter Willem

20. Type of 16-Down commonly found in kratom

23. The scientific study of plants

24. Country in Southeast Asia (where much of the kratom in the US comes from)

25. Part of a plant that grows underground, or the act of planting a cutting to propagate it

26. Joining two plants together

27. Obtain compounds from leaves


1. Major alkaloid found in kratom

3. Range of compounds found in a product (often with full-)

5. Concentrated kratom product

6. Process by which plants exhale water vapor and take in carbon dioxide

7. Alternative to 10-Across

8. 1000kg equivalent

12. A in KCPA

13. Country with longest documented history of kratom consumption

16. Nitrogenous organic compound (mitragynine or 1-Down, for example)

17. Liturgical headdress that the name Mitragyna may come from

20. Not working or being used

21. Process that largely determines how batches of kratom are categorized

22. 2-Across made with kratom (or any other herb aside from Camellia sinensis)

23. Island in Southeast Asia, and third-largest island in the world























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