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Red Kratom Capsules | 500mg

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Decompress after a tough day, feel restored after an intense workout, or relax before a good night’s sleep with red vein kratom capsules. An easy option for bringing your kratom on the go. This batch of red vein kratom capsules has about 31% more total alkaloids than our final batch of Red Maeng Da kratom capsules.

→ Wild-harvested kratom
→ Plant-based capsules, gelatin-free
→ 70 0.5g (500mg) capsules
→ Lab-tested, AKA cGMP-certified kratom

Looking for the absolute best Red Balie or Red Maeng Da kratom capsules? Well, we’ve got something better. These plain ol’ red vein Mitragyna speciosa capsules are actually incredibly unique, despite the lack of strain. 

Red vein kratom powder (Mitragyna speciosa), vegetable capsules (vegetable cellulose).

→ 0.5g (500mg) kratom powder per capsule
→ Mitragynine concentration: 1.46%
→ Size 00 capsules
→ 70 capsules per pouch

Take 1 serving (4 capsules or fewer) with water, not to exceed 2 servings daily.

Need some help opening the childproof seal? Watch the how-to video.

Curious about why we replaced our Red Maeng Da kratom capsules with strainless red vein kratom capsules?

In our experience in the kratom industry, we’ve found that the concept of specific kratom strains is more mythical than factual.

Our new red vein capsules still contain the highest-quality lab-tested kratom powder, just like our past options. The newest batch also has 36% more mitragynine than our final batch of Red Maeng Da capsules.

Learn more about misconceptions surrounding kratom strains.

We use the highest quality kratom powder in our capsules. These capsules have been lab tested for quality & composition (including kratom alkaloid concentrations, microbiological contaminants, and heavy metals).

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→ 3rd-party lab-tested
→ Crafted in a certified-CGMP facility
→ QR code link to COAs on every pouch

Premium kratom tea bags

No strain, all gain. Our new red kratom capsules pack in all of the same great benefits as our old red vein capsules. They’re a perfect after-work or post-workout choice for easing into a relaxing night.

These capsules don’t have a strain name like Red Maeng Da or Red Bali, and that’s what makes them great. They’re truthful, all-facts, no-nonsense red vein capsules. Top Tree Herbs has cut through a lot of the kratom marketing poppycock—yes, we did just say poppycock, and we’re only a little bit sorry about it—to give you a sincere and unpretending kratom experience.

As always, our capsules are entirely plant-based and contain premium CGMP and lab-tested kratom powder. They contain no fillers, additives, preservatives, wheat, starch, or gelatin. This first batch of strain-free red vein kratom capsules has 31% more total alkaloids than our final batch of Red Maeng Da kratom capsules.

To learn more about our capsules and how they compare to kratom tea bags, check out the Complete Guide to Kratom Capsules and Tea.

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