Send It Sticker

Kratom & Climbing Sticker


2 x 1.5″  |  Durable Vinyl  |  Limited Edition

In kratom tea & climbers’ speak, this phrase means drink a mug of kratom tea – sip it – then go after your goals – send it! 100% of the profits from these Sip It Then Send It climbing & kratom stickers will go to support the Kiedaisch Reopening Project. These are limited-edition stickers, and will only be available for a short time!

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Why do these kratom stickers say Sip It Then Send It?

“Send it!” is a climber’s way of saying “Go for it!” and that’s an attitude that we support at Top Tree!

Our team had the opportunity to tell the story of climbers at Kiedaisch Point Park, a beautiful climbing area in the Ohio Valley, in November of 2022. Since we filmed the story of Kiedaisch Wall, climbing was prohibited at Kiedaisch. The parks department banned climbing due to liability concerns, despite the fact that parks like Kiedaisch are protected from liability due to injury.

To help reopen Kiedaisch, we’re donating 100% of the profits from these climbing & kratom stickers and 50% of the profits from our green kratom tea beginner bundle to the Kiedaisch Reopening Project. Find out more by watching Steep, the story of climbing and kratom at Kiedaisch wall!

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