Microdosing Kratom

Kratom Strain Myths

To microdose kratom is to refer to the act of ingesting small amounts of kratom. In this blog, we’ll first discuss what microdosing means in general. Then, we’ll get into the traditions behind microdosing kratom, the perks of microdosing kratom, and how to microdose kratom like a pro. Cross-Category Perspective: The Origins and Expansion of […]

How To Make Kratom Tea: 2023 Update

As long-time kratom consumers, we know how it feels when you’re getting started with kratom tea. There are many places to buy crushed-leaf kratom tea out there, as well as countless different recommendations on how to prepare kratom tea. You may find yourself wondering, out of all of these options, what’s the best way to make […]

The Seasonal Kratom Tea Recipe Book (PDF Download)

Basil Green Kratom Cocktail

Are you ready to take your kratom tea to the next level? Checking out the Kratom Tea Recipe Book is a great way to get started. When we first founded Top Tree, we created a recipe book with recipes for all occasions and experience levels. It was just one digital recipe book that we shared […]

How to Make the Best Kratom Tea: Beginners Guide

Green Vein Balance Cocktail with Crushed Leaf M. Speciosa

Today we’re going to explain how to make the best kratom in the world. If you’ve read our previous guides for making kratom tea, you have a great foundation we can build on. This updated kratom tea guide puts everything together into one resource. It’s a one-stop-shop for learning how to master kratom tea. We […]

Honeybush Tea: Sweet, Caffeine Free Kratom Tea

Simplicity is beautiful. Carefully selected and refined, with nothing extra. Many of our herbal blends are cacophonies of herbs, intricately woven to create the perfect functional tea. However, we’ve taken a different approach with this kratom herbal tea blend. Simple honeybush tea and Red Dragon kratom combine to make a tasty, easygoing, and comforting tea. […]

Earl Grey Lavender Tea: A Classic with Kratom

This one is for all the classic black tea drinkers who have a penchant for kratom. We’ve taken an Earl Grey Lavender Tea with natural oil of bergamot, and added some delightful Super Green Malay crushed leaf kratom to it. The end result is the classic taste, and feel, of Earl Grey Lavender tea with […]

How to Make Large Batch Kratom Tea

Introduction Today we’re going to discuss everything you need to know to make large batch kratom tea like the pros. We typically focus on small batches of kratom tea, ie. brewing in a tea thermos, so we’re excited to discuss some tips for making large batches of kratom tea that can be enjoyed over the […]

How to Make Kratom Taste Good

Kratom Tea Flavor Guide Many inexperienced (and some experienced) kratom consumers have complaints of their kratom having a “bitter” taste. This is a common review among the kratom community, so the question is: how do I make my kratom taste good? This answer can be subjective as everybody’s personal tastes certainly differ. However, if you’re […]

Herbal Lemon Tea: How to Wake Up Happy Without Caffeine?

Introduction Today is all about lemon herbal tea! There’s more to waking up in the morning than going from tired to wired with a couple cups of coffee. Yes, you too can start waking up with (literal or metaphorical) birdsongs in the air and a gentle optimism for the day. Many of the factors that […]

Benefits Guide: How Do I Brew The Best Kratom Tea?

The Best Kratom Tea One of the most common questions we get is how to make kratom tea better. We love answering this because it’s the core of what we do and gives us a chance to discuss kratom tea benefits. We’re constantly testing ways to make kratom tea better. One day we’re studying steep […]

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