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We wanted to reshare How and Why People Use Kratom Tea, I Love Kratom Forum’s recent kratom tea spotlight. We originally spoke with the ILK team after they heard about the kratom tea survey. They are bonafide kratom advocates. We’re thrilled that they loved the project and are support by getting the ILK community involved. It’s been amazing to see the kratom community come together in support of kratom research. We hope you enjoy!

Note: the feature image was from our trip a few months ago to Austin, TX. The amazing team at Santé Labs were kind enough to invite Soren and Hamilton to their lab for a day. After the tour, we spent some time designing the kratom tea experiments that are currently underway. At any rate, we can’t wait for the results from this research. Significantly, it’ll fill in many of the gaps we currently have surrounding kratom tea. Now back to subject at hand, how and why people use kratom tea!

I Love Kratom Forum: Kratom Tea and More

When people think of Kratom, they generally think of capsules, ground leaf or awful tasting liquid shots that taste similar to wheat grass. That’s why we’re going to talk about a tasty and pleasant alternative and the new research being done in relation to how people take it and why.

The first time that I tried kratom tea, I took crushed leaf and mixed it with a bag of Lipton English Black tea and seeped it to create a nice warm cup of tea. I then added a lot of honey and citrus to make it more palatable.

It turned out to be my most pleasant experience. The tea tasted great. I got a nice and smooth energy boost 5 minutes after drinking it and it lasted for about 45 minutes and faded away nicely without notice.

So, the question is why there aren’t more options for this more enjoyable way to experience Speciosa. There are a couple of new companies out that are diving into this new product option and we’re going to talk about it.

We recently sampled a new line of tea products from Top Tree Herbs after speaking with Co-founders Soren Shade and Sam Weber. The lemon lime infused tea, passion fruit, and peach afternoon blend were sampled during the day while working. The tea was well blended, pleasant to the taste and had good energetic effects lasting between 1 – 2 hours.


According to Shade and Weber, they were able to leverage the socially accepted practice of tea-drinking to help normalize Kratom use. Normalization and correcting the negative public-image of Kratom is necessary to protect and advance the industry and its consumers.

Another sizable problem which Kratom faces is the lack of scientific research. As a result it has received a negative public image, along with many false and derogatory claims.

Many of the studies that we’ll mention are positive measures being taken to better understand why Kratom is so popular. In due time we can share this information with the medical and scientific community.

Working with Morris

Top Tree Herbs recorded a podcast with leading science journalist Hamilton Morris and Oliver Grundmann, Ph.D. to spread awareness for this survey and the existing science surrounding Kratom.

Hamilton Morris directed a documentary about Kratom in 2017, and is considered a leading expert in his own right. Co-founder Soren produced the third season of Hamilton’s TV show, Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia, before linking back up with Weber to found Top Tree. You can buy and watch the whole episode on Youtube. Here’s a sample if you haven’t seen it:

Other areas of interest are in the domestic cultivation of Kratom. Shade and Weber hope to help answer the questions of how the alkaloids vary based on geographic location, as well as resolve the mystery surrounding whether the Biosynthesis of 7-Hydroxymitragynine begins in the plant itself or through the drying process after harvest. Indeed, their team is currently analyzing three year-old trees to assess this, along with general best-practices for cultivation.

Geographic regions vary in regards of climate and ore composition and can have an important impact on the strength of the alkaloids contained.  Basically, it is known that certain regions produce slightly different effects concerning how long it lasts and the level of energy it offers.

The idea of these further studies to help vendors understand how to cultivate these trees here in the United States versus importing.


In short, to take part in the current study being conducted by Oliver Grundman, you can scan the QR code on the back of any Top Tree Herbs products which will take you to a website for the University of Florida.

The survey is approximately 20 questions. Thus it is easy to follow and provides their team with basic information on how and why people use kratom tea.

Comparatively, some other interesting studies by McCurdy can be read through the links below.

Dr. Chris McCurdy’s Kratom alkaloid study featured on the cover of ACS Pharmacology and Translational Science

10,000 Kratom users were surveyed in Dr. Oliver Grundman’s study that followed up to the 2017 survey. They learned interesting dimensions, such as how users take Kratom.

Approximately 20.93% of users reported some sort of negative side effects such as gastrointestinal issues.

Read about the study here

For more information on Top Tree Herbs you can also check out this new article called Food closures impact tea sales published by

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Sam Weber
Sam Weber is the co-founder of Top Tree Herbs. After serving in the Air Force and graduating from Columbia University in 2019, he worked in cannabis quality control. Sam founded Top Tree to make serious improvements to quality standards in the kratom industry, and to make kratom available to everyone - especially veterans. Sam organized the largest kratom tea survey, and continues to add to the scientific understanding of his beloved kratom tea leaf.

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