Kratom Podcast: Hamilton Morris, Dr. McCurdy, Dr. Grundmann, and Dr. Pearson

Talking Kratom with Hamilton Morris We’re thrilled to share the latest iteration of Hamilton Morris ‘s engagement with the world of kratom! A little background: the conversation around kratom tea is rapidly evolving. What was once a conversation paralyzed by various scheduling attempts has blossomed into an exciting arena for scientific discovery. On today’s podcast, […]

Everything You Need to Know About Kratom Capsules

Meet Top Tree Kratom Capsules We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Top Tree kratom capsules! They’re a convenient option for when you can’t brew tea, made from the same great kratom that goes into our tea bags. To give you an option for every occasion, we included an energizing white vein, a well-rounded green […]

Kratom Survey: Novel Kratom Alkaloids and the Entourage Effect

This blog is a recap of Dr. Oliver Grundmann’s and Hamilton Morris’s discussion surrounding Rhynchophylline and how kratom alkaloids work in concert. When possible, citations have been provided for the topics that they discussed. Dr. Oliver Grundmann Dr. Oliver Grundmann is one of the most cited kratom researchers in the world. His work regarding kratom […]

Kratom Science: Outstanding Questions

The Need For Kratom Science What are the outstanding questions in kratom science? By “outstanding” we mean to say “unanswered”. In this blog we will first cover how kratom and kratom users have had their freedom withheld from them. From this we go on to demarcate the types of research that should be conducted on […]

Kratom Survey: The Unique Signaling of Mitragynine

One goal of the kratom survey is exploring the role of mitragynine in kratom tea. This blog is a recap of Dr. Oliver Grundmann’s and Hamilton Morris’s discussion regarding the unique pharmacology of kratom alkaloids. When possible, citations have been provided for the topics that they discussed. If you have tried our tea, then please […]

Coffee vs Tea: Beyond Caffeine

Introduction The question of coffee vs tea is one I’ve asked myself often.  Usually, this question comes to me when I am on my third cup of coffee, fifth cup of tea, or when my hands have sweat running down them and yet my brain is still foggy. Caffeine tolerance can be frustrating, and may […]

Myths Part 2: The Science Behind Kratom Strains

Types of Kratom Strains Kratom strains 101: Today we’re going to break down everything you need to know to choose the perfect kratom strain. If you haven’t read part 1, The Myth of the Kratom Strain, we recommend starting there. For everyone else, here’s a quick recap of what we covered in our last post: […]

Kratom Tea: Considering the Chemistry

Kratom Tea is Simple That’s why we love it! Today we’re going to break down kratom tea chemistry. Boil water. Pour it into a thermos with your favorite kratom tea bag. Simple.  But like everything, when examined thoroughly, tea suddenly becomes more mysterious. And to complicate matters further, kratom makes for a different “cup of […]

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