6 Fall Activities to Pair With Kratom Tea

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Better Brewing Blog! We’ve got 6 fall activities to pair with kratom tea for an uplifted and fun day off this season — and this list only scratches the surface. Check out our suggestions below!

We’re no long chugging down spoonfuls of powder as quickly as possible before leaving home. Kratom tea provides a world of possibility. As the weather cools and the leaves display their fall colors, kratom tea consumers will certainly be warming their spirits with a hot cup of their favorite brew. If your’e like us, you’ll agree that a mug of kratom tea often inspires creativity and bolsters a longing for some sort of stimulating physical or mental activity.

If you’re a kratom tea drinker that likes to stay active outdoors, don’t let the cold weather discourage you! We’ve got tea to keep us warm. Sure, going swimming or taking a trip to the beach might not be on the table, but don’t let that get you down. Fall produces its own unique set of activities that pair well with kratom tea!

For kratom consumers that enjoy indoor activities, the possibilities are endless. For our more outdoorsy kratom lovers, you’ll just need to grab a jacket and be a bit more creative! There are hundreds of nature-friendly fall activities to enjoy while drinking a revitalizing kratom brew. If you’re looking for ideas, we have a few suggestions.

We hope you have a blast figuring out how to incorporate kratom into your fall fun. Let’s jump into it! Here are 6 fall activities that pair well with your favorite kratom tea.

6 Fall Activities to Pair with Kratom Tea

Hiking with kratom tea bags

1. Go hiking

For our outdoor-loving kratom tea drinkers, hiking is an excellent activity that pairs well with kratom tea. Particularly in the Northeast United States, where fall foliage really makes a beautiful transition, the views are breathtaking. You can either enjoy your kratom tea at home before your hike or bring an insulated thermos of tea with you to enjoy while soaking in the captivating colors of fall. Make sure to bring fresh water as well to stay hydrated. Plus, don’t forget to layer up and wear appropriate footwear.

If you have a favorite local spot, head on over! If not, you can always check out the National Parks Service’s Webmap. There, you’ll find a comprehensive list of trails and national parks. Kratom is also great for the evening or morning after your hike— don’t let sore muscles get you down!

2. Have a campfire with friends

There’s no better pairing than kratom and the great outdoors. Sipping a warm cup of kratom while conversing with friends around a fire is an excellent way to spend a fall evening. Don’t forget to pack all of the kratom brewing items you’ll need. You can heat water at home and keep it in an insulated carafe or bring a kettle that you can heat over the fire.

Add in some s’mores to really complete your campfire experience. If you’re not one for camping far from home, you can always opt for an equally enjoyable backyard campfire. You can also make stovetop s’mores and tea if rain interrupts your campfire plans!

3. Tailgate

Sports fans, this one is for you! Football season and Major League Baseball’s postseason are officially upon us. Accordingly, this means tailgating season has arrived! For anyone looking to cut down on their alcohol consumption — or the dreaded next-day hangover — kratom is an excellent substitute. Sip on your soul-warming brew while cheering on your favorite team, without any of those unwanted “I’ve had too many beers” side effects.

You can bring your kratom tea to a home tailgate or out to a game. There’s no need to drag along any brewing equipment. An insulated mug, carafe, or thermos will keep your kratom drinks hot for over six hours.

4. Go to a Haunted House

You might not want (or even be allowed) to bring a cup of kratom tea into a haunted house. However, you can always drink your favorite kratom brew before your spooky adventure. Additionally, you can enjoy your tea post-haunting to relax after your frightful night.

5. Carve pumpkins

A fall activity that will never go out of fashion: carving a pumpkin is a Halloween staple that can be done either indoors or out. Brewing a cup of kratom tea while carving pumpkins will have you feeling the fall spirit in full force. Don’t forget to save your pumpkin seeds and toast them when you’re done! Cinnamon sugar or salt, pepper, and herbs… both sweet and savory snacks pair well with a mug of hot kratom tea!

Chai Kratom Tea Latte

6. Try a new kratom recipe

You can spend a whole night just trying out new kratom tea recipes! The traditional practice of drinking kratom tea is deeply rooted in community. Try our kratom chai latte to spice up your kratom routine—it’s our go-to brew on a stormy fall evening. It takes a bit longer to make than your average brew in a thermos, so it’s a great option for when you have friends or family over and want try something new.

Don’t like chai? Grab your favorite spices or fruits (oranges, cranberries, apples), or add some pumpkin spice flavoring to your kratom to really immerse yourself in the season. (Quick plug for a staff favorite: our Cacao Uplift blend has a slightly-chocolatey flavor and is a perfect Halloween-time treat!)

Download the Fall Kratom Tea Recipe Book

5 seasonal recipes + a guide for how to brew strong kratom tea

Keep in mind, if you’re trying out multiple recipes, making large batches, or experimenting with varied steep times, the strength of your brew and the serving size may be different than what you’re used to.

Which Strain of Kratom Tea for Which Fall Activity?

We won’t harp on this section for too long, as we suggest you check out our previous post “The Myth of the Kratom Strain (PT 1)“.

Briefly, many versions of the same kratom strains can be complex and produce different results, despite being labeled as the same “strain”. On the flip side, a range of products can actually come from the same leaves, and thus produce similar effects. Serving size, alkaloid content, and kratom quality all play a major role in what effects a particular strain might produce. That’s actually why Top Tree stopped using kratom tea strain names for their new teas in 2023.

That being said, if you’re planning on doing anything physical, kratom strains within the white and green vein color categories are generally thought of as the go-to. These strains are often used as a natural pre-workout substitute, sometimes in the form of capsules. This category includes popular strains such as Super Green Malay and White Borneo.

In contrast, red vein kratom strains are generally thought of as your more relaxing strains. If your aim is to chill out and have a warm cup of tea before bedtime, red vein strains are your best option. Popular red vein kratom strains include Red Bali and Red Maeng Da.

Again, these are just general guidelines. Always make sure you are buying your kratom from a reputable source that has their product independently lab-tested for quality and safety.

How to Brew Kratom Tea

Although we have several kratom brew guides available, it never hurts to revisit the basics. Keep in mind, there are many other ways of brewing an effective and tasty kratom tea. We’ve just found this method to be a simple, tried-and-true way to maximize the benefits of your next kratom brew.

For a simple kratom tea, you’ll need just a few items:

  • An insulated thermos
  • A kratom tea bag (or two) of your choosing (check out our wide selection of ready-to-brew kratom tea bags here!)
  • Lemon or lime juice, freshly squeezed or from concentrate
  • Boiling water

Begin by heating up a pot of boiling water, or boil water in an electric kettle. As your water is heating, add your kratom tea bags to your thermos. Then, pour the lemon juice onto the kratom tea bags. The lemon juice’s acidity helps extract kratom’s alkaloids, releasing them into the tea. You can skip the lemon if you’re making a milk tea or latte, or if you prefer a lighter brew.

Then go ahead and add in your boiling water. Give the mixture a quick stir and cap your insulated thermos. Finally, let the brew steep for 15-20 minutes. Enjoy!

Kratom Tea in an Insulated Thermos
An insulated thermos makes it effortless to bring hot tea on a hike or fall picnic. You can brew your tea in your thermos to save time at home!

If you fancy adding in your own flavors (another herbal tea bag, a kratom herbal blend, or other whole spices), we recommend doing so when there are about 5-10 minutes left in your steeping time. This allows for the natural flavors and alkaloids of your kratom tea to be extracted first, while still having enough time to steep any add-ins. Kratom typically takes longer to steep than other herbal teas.

What to Keep in Mind When Brewing Kratom Tea this Fall

  • Just because it may be getting colder in your area does not mean the outdoors are off limits — pour yourself a cup of hot kratom tea and get creative!
  • There are numerous indoor and outdoor activities that go well with a fresh cup of kratom tea. Whether you’re drinking tea for kratom’s beneficial properties or simply to warm up on a chilly day, give kratom tea a try on your next outing.
  • Be wary of sketchy/non-certified vendors touting unique “strains” and hybrids. Red, green, and white veins typically have distinctive alkaloid profiles, but within each vein their is usually not much of a difference. Generally, strains from white and green veins kratom are great for physical activity, and you can opt for a red vein if you’re looking to relax while doing any of these fall activities. However, everyone is different, and you should pick the vein color and flavor that best fits what you need.
  • You don’t need rocket science to produce a quality kratom brew, just a few ingredients and a little knowledge.

We hope we’ve given you a few ideas to make your fall kratom drinking experience just a bit more enjoyable.

Top Tree will continue to keep you up to date on kratom news, science, and recipes as the year comes to an end. Thanks for reading and cheers to better brewing!

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