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Meet Kratom-Based Functional Tea

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the world’s first kratom-based functional teas! We’ve created five unique blends and completely reconceptualized how you brew kratom tea. And the cherry on top? It all happened because we got ton of great feedback from the Top Tree community!

Today we’re going explain how to brew the newest line of Top Tree tea. If you’re already a kratom tea bag brew master, skip to the section about boosting your tea potency – we have a few new tips for you. For everyone else, start from the beginning.

We’re going to start with a brief overview of functional tea. Then we’ll explain how kratom fits into the equation – or more accurately, how our new teas make kratom part of the functional tea conversation. We’ll end with a few pro-tips on brewing Top Tree tea.  

But before we get to brewing the perfect cup of kratom tea, let’s review some tea basics. To keep it simple, we’ll focus on the newest trend in tea: the rise of functional tea.

The Four Types of Tea

Before we get into the weeds, let’s define some terms. Technically speaking, all “tea” comes from the same plant, Camellia sinensis. That’s right, all 4 types of tea—black tea, green tea, oolong tea, and white tea—all come from one plant. If you’re new to kratom, you might not realize the same is true in kratom!

The different types of tea are created after harvest, by sending the fresh tea leaves through different production processes. And just like kratom, a lot of what’s happening on a chemical level has to do with oxidation. Here’s the types of tea ranked from least-to-most processed: white tea, green tea, oolong tea, and black tea. Unsurprisingly, the basic rule of thumb is the darker the tea the stronger the flavor.

And then there’s herbal tea, which is technically a tisane. A tisane is a hot water infusion of any plant matter, or more simply, an herbal infusion. Thus, when we talk about making “kratom tea,” we’re describing a kratom tisane – a herbal tea made with kratom. So where does functional tea fit into everything?

What is Functional Tea?

As the second most popular beverage in the world, tea goes through trends just like any other consumer product. When people want convenience, we get ready-to-drink tea. When there’s a renewed interest in health, we see the rise of immune supporting tea.

Most recently, tea drinkers have begun looking for tea that not only tastes great, but also serves a wellness purpose. Of course, this has always been a central aspect of tea, but we’re seeing a resurgence of interest from consumers. Where western medicine falls short, functional tea has emerged to pick up the slack.

Today functional tea refers to any tea designed for a wellness supporting purpose. It could include one of the four types of traditional tea, or none. In that situation, it could come from a combination of roots, stems, spices, leaves, and flowers. Regardless of the recipe specifics, this new class of tea bridges the gap between traditional tea and modern trend of health-conscious consumers.

To us, kratom tea fits perfectly into this new paradigm. And for those in regions where it’s use goes back hundreds of years, it’s always been a functional tea. Thankfully modern tea drinkers are starting to see the wisdom.

What is Speciality Kratom Tea?

As we’ve refined our message over time, we’ve come to realize kratom tea should be placed in the category of functional tea. We all know that people don’t get into kratom tea in the beginning because of the taste.

It’s one hundred percent function, no ifs ands or buts about it. The issue, however, is that you can only ignore taste for so long. We’ll break down how our new blends completely revolutionize kratom tea taste in a moment. Let’s finish connecting the dots between our favorite plant and functional tea first.

As you’ll see, when you approach brewing top tree tea through the lens of functional tea, traditional brew techniques suddenly become central. As we’ve said before, there’s a lot to learn from the ancient world, even if modern science can’t fully grasp the explanation.

In other words, we can study techniques from traditional medicine making to discover new approaches for brewing kratom tea. From this perspective, the need for longer brew times is obvious. Bitterness is expected, if not sought.

And supporting herbs are viewed as the key to improving the base ingredients extraction (into the water) and absorption (into the body). As the underlying goal for functional tea is supporting a healthy lifestyle, the same principles can be applied to kratom-based functional tea brewing.

The Blends: Flavor Infused Crushe Leaf + Traditional Herbs

Now we can finally get to the main subject for today – how to brew Top Tree tea. If you’re new here, our new blends (infused kratom leaf mixed with other traditional herbs) are a one-of-a-kind kratom product. We’re the only brand to (1) infuse our crushed leaf with all-natural flavors, (2) blend our kratom leaf with additional supporting herbs, and (3) bring it all together inside easy-to-brew kratom tea bags.

We say all of this because you’re getting a completely reconceptualized kratom tea experience with Top Tree. It’s an easier process, so it’s hard to mess-up. But there are some nuances in how to use Top Tree tea that we want to note. We can start by meeting the herbal tea blends.

We’ve created eight unique kratom tea blends. They’re the first functional teas, each made to support a different activity in your day.

Since we’ve been sipping the new blends the last few weeks, we’ve learned a few tips and tricks that might help you master your brew. The most relevant, especially for long-time consumers, is how to make stronger brew.

How to Use Kratom

Here’s the secret: the blends are designed to be used in conjunction with our original raw leaf tea bags! The idea is that you pair one of blends with as many raw leaf tea bags as you’d like to reach your desired strength. The benefit is in the simplicity. It’s the perfect way to customize your tea without sacrificing convenience.

We have a few posts on different brew techniques, so we’ll end with a quick note about our philosophy for brewing. We’ve learned that, unlike some herbal teas, kratom tea must be brewed correctly if you want it to deliver the traditional kratom effects. Especially if you’re looking for a full spectrum tea. If you skip any of the main recommendations…

  • Brew at least 15 minutes to ensure extraction
  • Add citrus to the water to improve solubility
  • Keep the water hot as it brews for the same reason

…your tea will begin to lose potency. Now, for those who aren’t looking for effects like kratom powder, brew however you’d like! This point is for people who are resistant to tea because they’re used to eating kratom powder and believe tea is always weaker. As we hope it’s now obvious, the potency of your kratom tea is entirely dependent on how you brew. That said, let’s bring everything together and go brew some tea!


Kratom has always been functional, with most of its history centered around helping laborers go about their day. In the United States, kratom has been appreciated for its function, yet the tea aspect was forgotten. In line with the traditional use of kratom, we’re finally returning it to its proper category: functional kratom tea.

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Sam Weber
Sam Weber is the co-founder of Top Tree Herbs. After serving in the Air Force and graduating from Columbia University in 2019, he worked in cannabis quality control. Sam founded Top Tree to make serious improvements to quality standards in the kratom industry, and to make kratom available to everyone - especially veterans. Sam organized the largest kratom tea survey, and continues to add to the scientific understanding of his beloved kratom tea leaf.

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