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Top Tree Kratom Tea Bag Menu: 2023 Update

Hey there, fellow kratom lovers and seekers of the best brews! Hold onto your mugs because we’ve got some exciting news from the Top Tree Herbs HQ. The Kratom Tea Bag Menu: 2023 Edition is here!

We’ve been hard at work crafting six kratom teas that are about to become your new pantry staples. Say hello to Uplift & Cacao Uplift, Balance & Tulsi Balance, and Unwind & Chai Unwind. Trust us, you won’t want to miss these. But before we dive into the details on each of our new teas, we’d first like to tell you about why we decided to make them in the first place.

Ditching the Strain Deception

Our new teas contain the same crushed-leaf kratom you know and love, but we’ve overhauled our old packaging for reasons that aren’t just skin-deep. The new teas are packed in boxes instead of pouches and have entirely new designs. We’re pretty excited about the redesign, yet the part that we’re even more eager to explain goes beyond just visual design: we’ve stopped using kratom strain names! The new teas are categorized by just the kratom vein color: Uplift for white vein, Balance for green vein, and Unwind for red vein.

Best Green Vein Kratom Tea with Crushed Leaf Kratom

We know that within each vein color, there can still be a good deal of variety. Without strains, how do you know what effects your white or green or red vein kratom tea will have?

Kratom Alkaloid Contents on Every Box

For starters, we’ll provide the mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, and total alkaloid content of each tea right on the box (the actual amounts based on lab tests and product volumes, not just the range or concentration). We also link to our lab testing certificates of analysis on every box and product page, so that you can get a fuller picture of the alkaloid profile of each batch of kratom leaves. Next, it’s important to keep in mind that alkaloid profile alone doesn’t determine your kratom’s effects and benefits—as you probably know, serving size plays a big role, and you can adjust your serving size to get different benefits from kratom.

Cacao Kratom Tea Lab Testing

We also reimagined our kratom herbal blends based on your feedback. Instead of just eight 3-gram tea bags (1.5g kratom, 1.5g herbs and spices), our blends now contain fourteen 5-gram tea bags (3g kratom, 2g herbs and spices) at a much lower cost per tea bag.

Old Blends

New Blends

Now that you know why we’ve made such substantial changes to our packaging, it’s time to introduce the new teas! They’re made with the same crushed-leaf kratom you know and love, though we’ve got a couple new batches in stock that have different alkaloid profiles than previous batches (which is normal for our tea and throughout the industry).

We’ll do our best to give you as much information as possible while being considerate of the fact that everyone is different, so the way the you feel after consuming a particular type of kratom isn’t necessarily the same way that other people feel; and additionally, our suggestions may have an impact on your reaction to the various types of tea. So stay open-minded and know that the best way to understand the benefits and effects of a particular type of kratom tea is to try it yourself!

New Raw Leaf Kratom Tea Bags & Herbal Blends

  1. Uplift – Raw Leaf White Vein Kratom Tea Bags: this is the tea we reach for when we’re really craving a cup of coffee but don’t want caffeine.
  2. Cacao Uplift – Cacao White Vein Kratom Tea Bags: this bold blend of white vein kratom tea and 2g of organic cacao shells, so it’s completely caffeine free and has a rich cacao flavor which perfectly complement the kratom. Add a bit of vanilla creamer to make it irresistibly delicious!
  3. Balance – Raw Leaf Green Vein Kratom Tea Bags: like Uplift, this is a great caffeine alternative. Drink it in place of afternoon coffee to skip the midday slump and stay upbeat without being kept up all night long.
  4. Tulsi Balance – Peach Mango Green Vein Kratom Tea Bags: all the benefits of Balance, plus 2g of our bright peach-and-mango-flavored blend of antioxidant-rich tulsi + rooibos!
  5. Unwind – Raw Leaf Red Vein Kratom Tea Bags: the perfect brew for relaxing with friends, winding down after a long workday, or supporting recovery from strenuous exercise.
  6. Chai Unwind – Chai Red Vein Kratom Tea Bags: Unwind red vein tea blended with warm chai spices (like cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves), plus soothing chamomile flowers and rich red rooibos.

If you’ve never had kratom tea before, make sure to familiarize yourself with the brewing instructions at the end of the menu.

Save on Tea & Capsules with Brewing Bundles

Get 15% off when you purchase 2 or more bags or boxes, and 25% off when you purchase 5 or more!

From Tree to Tea, Only the Best

From the wetland forests of Indonesia to the CGMP packaging facility to the properly labeled tea boxes sent right to your doorstep, we’ve crafted the absolute best kratom tea bags.

We are a premium kratom company, and it’s reflected in our values and practices, not just our marketing. A lot of kratom companies out there slap the word “premium” all over their products and webpages. But what does it actually mean? What values and benefits should be present in “premium” kratom, from the production processes to the products themselves?

What Makes Top Tree Kratom Tea Premium?

The word premium isn’t one that we use lightly. We know that our kratom teas are more expensive than other kratom products, but this is actually because we value your wellbeing and the wellbeing of our shared planet over personal profit.

We don’t sell cheap kratom (literally or metaphorically) because it takes significant time and effort to produce kratom tea that’s worth consuming. Inexpensive kratom is often synonymous with low-quality kratom; we pay more for our products because we know that it’s an investment in long-term consumer wellbeing. Here are a few of the reasons Top Tree is one of the truly premium kratom companies:

  • Fair compensation for farmers: we work with farmers that receive fair compensation for the work they’re doing, because it’s tough work!
  • Lab-tested kratom leaves: only kratom leaves that pass rigorous quality testing for contamination (from heavy metals to microbiological pathogens) are used in each batch of kratom tea. We also test our kratom for alkaloid concentrations, and display all of our certificates of analysis (COA) on the website so that you can view them yourself.
  • Organic herbs and spices: the ingredients that we use in our kratom tea blends come from organic farms across the globe. We carefully craft blends that not only taste and smell amazing but have added benefits as well. We choose adaptogenic blends, teas high in antioxidants, caffeine-free herbs, and blends low in tannins so that they can be brewed for long periods of time and perfectly complement the kratom in your tea.
  • CGMP manufacturing: we source our kratom from an AKA-qualified CGMP supplier, and then pack it into tea bags in a certified-CGMP facility. Our tea bags are biodegradable and non-GMO, and are not made or sealed with any plastics.

Kratom Tea Tasting Notes

Red Vein Kratom Cocktail

Every good wine, coffee, beer, and other fine beverage comes with tasting notes from passionate consumers and experts alike. Unsurprisingly, kratom tea isn’t any different! Raw leaf kratom tea has an earthy flavor. Some people find it bitter, like an unsweetened black tea, but nowhere near as bitter as micronized kratom powder!

However, one of the best aspects of making kratom tea is that you can customize its flavor! With a good recipe, even someone who despises tea will jump on board the kratom tea train. Check out some of our specialty kratom tea recipes below to find a kratom tea flavor that makes you smile with each sip.

  • Kratom Chai Latte or Kratom Chai Tea: chai is a staff favorite! That’s why we made Chai Unwind, so you can brew it effortlessly. But you can brew up a kratom chai with raw leaf tea easily on your own using a store-bought chai tea bag or whole chai spices! With spicy ingredients like ginger and black pepper plus sweet ones like orange peel and cinnamon, these chai recipes will make you feel cozy as can be. Delicious hot or iced.
  • Red Vein Arnold Palmer: guaranteed to quench your thirst on a sunny summer day! Lemonade & iced tea are a classic combo, and that doesn’t change when you swap out kratom tea bags for black tea.
  • Mint & Lime Kratom Mojito Cocktail: if regular tea just isn’t your cup of tea, try using kratom tea as a base for mocktails and smoothies! Get all the kratom tea benefits in a drink that’s familiar and fun.
  • Chocolate Kratom Smoothie: rich chocolate, creamy banana, crunchy granola, and energizing kratom… all packed with protein and fiber to keep you full and motivated all morning long.

There’s much more to explore in the Recipes section of the Better Brewing Blog. From tasty iced teas and lattes to functional brews like our kratom tea with CBD recipe, there’s something for everyone.

How To Brew Kratom Tea Bags

How to Brew: Place 1-2 tea bags into a tea/coffee thermos, add lemon juice, pour in boiling water, steep for at least 15 minutes, sweeten and enjoy – and repeat with the same tea bags 1-2 more times!

How to Make Cacao Uplift Kratom Tea

If you have any more questions on the teas we have available and how to brew them, just ask! The Better Brewing Blog has dozens of posts with brewing tips, guides for serving sizes, and kratom tea chemistry.

Want to see any of our original blends again in the future? Have feedback you want to share? Let us know in the comments, or email us with your feedback any time.

With six exciting new options to choose from and a simpler approach to labeling, there’s a lot to love. So, why wait? Dive in, discover your new favorite, and let’s raise our cups to a whole new world of tea. Cheers!

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